Choosing the right heater guard

Why buy wire mesh heater guards for your school? Why buy AIANO wire mesh heater guards for your school? AIANO has been manufacturing wire mesh guards for many health and safety applications for nearly 160 years. Every single wire guard that we sell is hand made with pride by our expert welders and fabricators in our East London workshop.

AIANO Wire mesh heater guards come in a wide range of designs for different environments and range from Classic to Heavy Duty, from Low Surface Temperature to Sloping Top, and so on. But why buy wire mesh heater guards as opposed to some other kind of guard?

Why buy wire mesh heater guards?

Wire mesh has certain intrinsic qualities that make them an ideal choice for radiator guards for schools.

  • Perhaps the principle benefit of the wire mesh construction of our heater guards is that it facilitates optimum heater circulation. Heat is not trapped or lost as with some solid wood or metal designs.
  • The heater is still clearly visible behind the mesh and the controls can be accessed via our lockable control access flaps.
  • Wire mesh is naturally strong and resilient. Under heavy pressure from, for example, a fast flying ball, the mesh will give but not break, thus protecting the heater underneath.
  • AIANO wire mesh radiator guards are normally powder coated white but can be coated any colour required. Some nurseries like to have brightly coloured guards. Some schools for the visually impaired like to have a bright colour that is more visible to partially sighted students
  • Wire mesh heater guards are naturally strong but light in weight. Thus, they are easy to manoeuvre into position around the school and install.
  • Wire mesh guards are a highly cost effective solution.

Why buy wire mesh heater guards from AIANO?

AIANO is an industry expert and authority, and very often AIANO is recommended in bid documents, in specifications and requirements by local authorities, architects, construction companies or users because of our reputation for high quality, reliability, credibility and fast delivery.

  • Usually we develop new designs and establish new trends and other companies follow.
  • Our design is based on the rules which relate to the following parameters and considerations: Clearance between a radiator and a guard varies from product to product depending on type, model and circumstances where and for what purpose it is used.
  • We use durable quality powder coating comprising an epoxy-polyester mix, which protects the guard from dust and dampness.
  • For good circulation we measure physical parameters and test different sizes of mesh to provide efficient circulation and appropriate temperature.
  • We try to use different mesh size and clearance for children and adults to protect their various finger lengths from risk.
  • Aiano’s offers the widest choice of guard designs on the market.
  • Our products are made using high quality steel mesh manufactured in the UK and the EU.
  • We offer a bespoke service, and will design a guards to suit your specific requirements..
  • We offer site services including site survey and installation service.
  • Our products are individually crafted with pride by our expert wireworkers, welders and fabricators.
  • AIANO is the only radiator guard manufacturer to be recommended by Dimplex and to feature on the Dimplex website.
Why buy wire mesh heater guards from AINAO? We develop our guards in cooperation with Dimplex

Why buy wire mesh heater guards from AIANO? We develop our guards and test them in cooperation with Dimplex.

Why buy wire mesh heater guards from AIANO? We offer site services for peace of mind.

Why buy wire mesh heater guards from AIANO? We offer site survey and installation service.

Important Questions and Answers about Wire Mesh Radiator Guards

Why buy wire mesh heater guards? There are a number of other questions that are also important in deciding on the right solution for your school.

1. How do we choose a radiator guard for our school?

Aiano has been manufacturing radiator guards for schools and nurseries for many decades and we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience working with schools up and down the country, which we have applied to our guard designs. We have identified four steps to help you choose the correct radiator guard.

2. How safe is the heater guard?

As with any electrical or metal product care needs to be taken and they should be used in a way consistent with manufacturer’s guidelines.

A great advantage of wire mesh radiator guards is that they offer excellent heat circulation. The heat is not trapped between the heater and the guard as with some other guard products such as wooden or solid metal guards, leading to potentially higher heating bills.

  • None the less, the wire mesh guards can get hot to touch at certain points, notably around the heat outlet and it is important to observe certain key rules in order to get the best out of your heater guards:
  • The distance between the heater and the guard should not be less than our recommended minimum clearance of 75-100mm all the way round.
  • Coats, books and other items should never be placed on top of the guard (see AIANO sloping top heater guards) and a notice about this should be displaced next to every guard,
  • Heaters should not be set to maximum for extended periods of time.

AIANO carries out heating testing to feeds this information back into our guard design. We also cooperate with Dimplex to test some of their many heater products. AIANO has also carried out pioneering work on low surface temperature heater guards.

3.  How strong is the heater guard?

Wire mesh is naturally strong and resilient. Under heavy pressure from, for example, a fast flying ball, the mesh will give but not break, thus protecting the heater underneath.

AIANO wire mesh radiator guards come in a number of different designs that are suitable for different environments. Our Classic heater guard is a strong well-made guard that is suitable for the needs of most schools.

However, sometimes something even more robust may be required for schools catering for students with behaviour issues. For these environments AIANO heavy duty radiator guards can be a good solution.

4.  How do we deter children sitting on the guard or putting things on top of the guard?

All Schools should display a notice above each and every heater telling students not to place objects on top of the guard. Books or coats left on top of a guard can trap the heat inside the guard and can adversely affect the correct functioning of both guard and heater.

If this is a problem in your school, you may wish to consider AIANO Sloping Top radiator guards. AIANO pioneered the development of heater guards with sloping tops, which prevent objects being placed on the top of the guard and also prevent students sitting on the guards.

5.  Can the guard design be adapted for the environment and heaters at my school?

AIANO recognises that schools often have features that make our standard guards unsuitable. There make be complex pipework, window sills,notice boards, cupboards, sockets, alcoves and so on, that are in close proximity to the heaters, and make it impossible to fit a standard guard.

We offer guidance on how to measure and, in effect, conduct your own site survey so that we can design a bespoke solution for your environment. Alternatively, for complete peace of mind, enquire about a site survey carried out by our own AIANO engineers.

6.  Can the guard design be adapted for the special needs of our children?

AIANO has extensive experience in designing guards for schools where students have special needs. Some of our recent projects include:


With the help of AIANO, choosing the right heater guard couldn’t be simpler. Contact us today for a quote on 020 7987 1184 or email your requirements to
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