Aiano’s offers end to end services to design, manufacture and install wire mesh guards for peace of mind.

AIANO site services include a site survey service

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AIANO engineers will do a site survey, or, our customer support staff will help you with design, preferences and space.

AIANO welders and fabricators manufacture each guard  at our London workshop

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Our welders and fabricators will manufacture your guard with pride in our East London workshop.

AIANO site services include an installation service

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We will deliver your guards in a timely way, or, for peace of mind, our engineers will install.

Aiano Site Survey

For smaller projects, AIANO can usually work from photographs and detailed measurement provided by the customer to devise a guard design. For larger or more complex projects such as Kingston Community School, AIANO offers a full service solution including initial site survey.

AIANO carries out a detailed site survey taking precise measurements and photographs of every radiator and every stretch of heating pipework. Every guard for the project is individually designed taking into account every detail. Every radiator, length of pipe, angle of pipe, all had to be analysed, measured, photographed.

At the end of the AIANO site survey a design is produced for each individual radiator and pipe guard. For more standardised types of radiator, in particular, storage heaters, panel and convector heaters, AIANO keeps stock of a wide range of guards with and without control access flaps.

Aiano Installation Service

Once the radiator guards or window guards have been designed and manufactured, AIANO engineers can carry out the installation. 

AIANO engineers are experienced in the installation of complex wire guard configurations. You need a precise system to match the radiator guards to the correct radiator and then fitting together radiator and pipe guard sections to provide comprehensive health and safety protection in each classroom, corridor and bathroom. Our experienced engineers can carry out minor adjustments that may be necessary on site.

By having AIANO provide a full service solution to design, manufacture and install your guards, you will have complete peace of mind. 

Call us today on 020 7987 1184 or contact us today for more information or a quote for our site services.

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