AIANO THG range of tubular heater guards are the original non-thermostatic tubular heater guards for tube heaters without thermostats.. Designed and refined over many decades, the AIANO THG is perfectly suited for use with traditional non-thermostatic tube heaters such as those made by Thermotube, Hylite and others.

In addition, AIANO THGs are the perfect solution for guarding heating pipes in churches and sports changing rooms.

Aiano THG21 non-thermostatic tube heater on TH1HAIANO THG range of single double treble and quad guardsAiano black tubular heater guards are ppular with churchesAIANO THG range of non-thermostatic tubular heater guards 1ft to 6ftAiano non thermostatic tubular heater guards in double, treble amd quad

What is the AIANO THG range of tubular heater guards?

The AIANO THG range of non-thermostatic tubular heater guards were specially designed to make a perfect fit for traditional tubular heaters.

Each size of THG guard is the perfect fit for the equivalent  non-thermostatic heaters such as Thermotube. The guards a relight but strong, compact, easy to install, and the open mesh design allows for optimum heat circulation.

THG Tubular Heater Guards

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Product CodeDescriptionHeater Model *Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
THG/P111 ft single tubular heater guardTH1H305 x 137 x 114
THG/P121ft double tubular heater guardTH1H 305 x 222 x 114
THG/P131ft treble tubular heater guardTH1H305 x 305 x 114
THG/P212ft single tubular heater guardTH2H610 x 137 x 114
THG/P222ft double tubular heater guardTH2H 610 x 222 x 114
THG/P232ft treble tubular heater guardTH2H 610 x 305 x 114
THG/P313ft single tubular heater guardTH3H915 x 137 x 114
THG/P323ft double tubular heater guardTH3H 915 x 222 x 114
THG/P333ft treble tubular heater guardTH3H 915 x 305 x 114
THG/P343ft 4 bank tubular heater guardTH3H 915 x 508 x 114
THG/P414ft single tubular heater guardTH4H1220 x 137 x 114
THG/P424ft double tubular heater guardTH4H 1220 x 222 x 114
THG/P434ft treble tubular heater guardTH4H1220 x 305 x 114
THG/P444ft 4 bank tubular heater guardTH4H1220 x 508 x 114
THG/P515ft single tubular heater guardTH5H1525 x 137 x 114
THG/P525ft double tubular heater guardTH5H1525 x 222 x 114
THG/P535ft treble tubular heater guardTH5H1525 x 305 x 114
THG/P545ft 4 bank tubular heater guardTH5H1525 x 508 x 114
THG/P616ft single tubular heater guardTH6H1830 x 137 x 114
THG/P626ft double tubular heater guardTH6H1830 x 222 x 114
THG/P636ft treble tubular heater guardTH6H1830 x 305 x 114
THG/P646ft quad tubular heater guardTH6H1830 x 508 x 114

Aiano Classic THG range of tubular heater guards is compatible with the Thermotube family of tubular heaters and most non-thermostatic tubular heaters on the market. Please contact us for more advice.

Features and benefits of non-thermostaic tubular heater guards

  • Aiano’s non-thermostatic tubular heater guards are suitable for most makes of classic tubular heaters without thermostats, including Thermotube.
  • Classic Tubular heater guards can also be used for protecting heating pipes. The guards come in exact lengths of 1ft, 2ft, 3ft an so on up to 6ft, making it easy to calculate the lengths required for guarding continuous pipes. They can be easily installed end to end. And corner sections can be manufactured on request.
  • This Classic Aiano guard has a streamlined and optimised design which is the result of many decades of experience in manufacturing heater guards for health & safety in the UK.
  • The Aiano Classic non-thermostatic tubular heater guard design is strong and attractive.
  • The Aiano non-thermostatic tubular heater guard come supplied with movable fixing clips for convenient installation.
  • Aiano tubular heater guards are durable and attractive, and, because they follow the contours of the tubular heater, there are no sharp edges that could cause injury.Due to their open design they offer the optimum heat circulation.
  • A more complete list of the advantages and benefits of AIANO tubular heater guards can be found on our website
AIANO tubular heater guards for non-thermostatic tube heaters

THG tubular heater
guard range

AIANO designed and manufactures tubular heater guards for the Dimples ECOT heaters

Aiano STG21 for a Dimplex ECOT2FT heater

A selection of AIANO tubular heater guards for banks of 2, 3 and 4 heaters

Aiano doubles, trebles
and quads


What are our non-thermostatic tubular heater guards made of?

Aiano tubular heater guards are made from 1 x 1/2″ 16 gauge (25mm x 13mm x 1.63mm) weld mesh on a 5 gauge (5.38mm) round bar frame.

The guards come with movable clips which can be attached to any part of the frame for ease of installation.

The tube heater guards are powder coated cream after manufacture.

Powder coating is recommended for INDOOR use.

All Aiano wire guards are made in our London workshop with pride from British and European steel.

Aiano has been making wire guards for more than 150 years.

Our products help provide health and safety protection in a variety of industrial and public environments from warehouses to the factory floor, in schools and hospitals.


Always check the size of your fitting carefully to ensure selection of the correct guard or call us today on 020 7987 1184 for a quote or advice.

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