Aiano wire mesh lockers are in made in Britain by our skilled welders and wireworkers. Aiano mesh lockers and guards are made from European steel and represent quality and value for money.

Aiano wire mesh lockers are a strong and practical solution for schools, sport facilities, construction industry welfare facilities and more. Aiano wire mesh lockers are a preferred solution in many environments. The wire mesh construction allows damp clothes to dry more quickly and discourages theft by making contents visible.

Wire Mesh Locker configurations

AIANO wire mesh lockers are the result of decades of experience and a constant effort to keep our manufacturing processes at the front of innovation.  Aiano wire mesh lockers are available in three standard configurations:

  • 9-compartment, 9 doors, comprising a nest of 3 with 3 tiers (see photo above)
  • 6-compartment, 6 doors, comprising a nest of 2 with 3 tiers
  • 3-compartment, 3 doors, comprising a single nest with 3 tiers
  • Dimensions of compartment: w305 x h610 x d457mm

Aiano wire mesh lockers are strong and well-crafted, made from 1″ x 1″ x 12g mild steel weld mesh (25mm x 25mm x 2.64mm) on a ¼” (6.35mm) round bar frame.


Wire Mesh Locker features

Aiano’s wire mesh lockers feature:

  • doors fitted with hasp and staple for padlock fastening
  • Unique-keyed padlocks available on request—master key option
  • front feet with eye holes that can be screwed to the floor
  • a coat hook inside every compartment
  • rear washer for fixing to the wall
  • feature 4″ (100mm) high legs to allow easy cleaning underneath

Aiano wire mesh lockers are zinc plated for an attractive and hard-wearing finish and there is a choice of silver or bronze tint. Please enquire about other coating options, such as galvanised (for outdoor or exsposed environments) or polyester coating for a softer, more decorative effect.

Wire Mesh Locker bespoke services

However, Aiano’s offers a bespoke service and we can manufacture wire mesh lockers to any size or configuration to suit the requirements of purpose and available space. For example, Aiano’s makes wire mesh lockers for Network Rail offices, which vary in size according to the size of the tool bags of Network Rail staff.

If you have questions regarding wire mesh lockers, please contact us for more information and a quote.

AIANO was approached to supply a large number of wire mesh lockers for new Network Rail offices in an iconic building in Birmingham. Baskerville House is a Grade 2 listed building which formerly housed offices for the Birmingham City Council.

Wire Mesh Lockers

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Product CodeDescriptionGuard Size (mm) W x H x D
WML33/ZS9 compartment locker, zinc plated silver914 x 1981 x 457
WML33/ZB9 compartment locker, zinc plated bronze914 x 1981 x 457
WML32/ZS6 compartment locker, zinc plated silver914 x 1981 x 457
WML32/ZB6 compartment locker, zinc plated bronze914 x 1981 x 457
WML13/ZS3 compartment locker, zinc plated silver305 x 1981 x 457
WML13/ZB3 compartment locker, zinc plated bronze305 x 1981 x 457
Padlock-25U'unique-keyed' 25mm padlocks 25mm padlock
Padlock-40U'unique-keyed' 40mm padlocks 40mm padlock


Aiano wire mesh lockers are made at our wireworks in East London. The mesh and steel used in our products is produced in Britain and Europe.


Aiano wire mesh lockers are made from 25mm x 25mm x 2.64mm (1″ x 1″ x 12swg) copper washed mild steel weld mesh on a 6.35mm (¼”) frame. The lockers have 4no 100mm (4″) legs, as standard.


The two front legs have feet with holes that can be screwed to the floor. There is a rear washer for fixing the lockers to the wall.  Each compartment has a slam plate closing mechanism and a name or number plate welded to the compartment door.


Aiano wire mesh lockers are zinc plated with a clear passivate, as standard. We also offer a gold or yellow passivate, which gives the lockers a brass-like appearance.Other coatings are available on request. Find more information about Aiano materials and coatings radiator wire mesh guards.

If you have special requirements for non-standard wire mesh lockers, call us on 020 7987 1184 or email us for a quote today.
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