St Andrew’s Bradfield

Aiano church window templates service

We will be writing a series of three articles about Aiano’s recent project for Bradfield College, focusing on our church window templates service, making of the window guards and last but not least, installation of the guards.

Aiano church window templates service is the first stage in any new project for church window guards. St Andrew’s Bradfield, a grade ll listed church, The church was first built in the 14th century and has connections with neighbouring school, Bradfield College, dating back to its foundation in the mid-nineteenth century. The church was expanded in the 1840s with the assistance of the eminent Victorian architect, Sir George Gilbert Scott and the college was founded by Thomas Stevens, the rector of Bradfield in 1850.

The church was acquired by the college from the diocese of Oxford and the Church Commissioners and turned into a new kind of blended learning space. As part of this major restoration and redevelopment project, Aiano was asked to provide new wire mesh guards for most of the church window templates .

The process of taking church window templates at St Andrew’s was quite complex and altogether Aiano engineers took templates for some 45 different lancets and 65 traceries. By lancet we mean the main window. These come in many configurations and head shapes. There may be a simple single gothic lancet or multiple lancets with cinquefoil heads forming a single window ensemble.

Similarly, tracery windows, the smaller shaped opening that form part of the window pattern take many forms. Perhaps the most well-known type is a rose window where the traceries take the form petals spreading out from the centre. Accurate templating of these ornate and complex shapes takes years of practice and skill to achieve the best results.

Aiano church window templates at St Andrew’s Bradfield
A typical church window guard template for a trefoil tracery, kite (triangle) and infills. Traceries are now usually formed using thick plastic film and later transferred on to cardboard in the workshop.
Aiano church window templates at St Andrew’s Bradfield
The plastic template is traced onto cardboard to make it safe for welding. The welding burns are visible as are the pin holes where the template has been pinned to the workbench.
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