AIANO Wire mesh electric radiator guards for Imagination Preschool

Imagination Preschool chooses AIANO wire mesh electric radiator guards

Imagination Preschool in south west London believes that encouraging innovation and creativity is as important as academic achievement. Their website commences with a quotation from mathematician Alan Turing, “SOMETIMES IT IS THE PEOPLE NO ONE CAN IMAGINE ANYTHING OF WHO DO THE THINGS NO ONE CAN IMAGINE.”

Earlier this year, the school asked AIANO for help to provide wire mesh electric radiator guards. AIANO has been manufacturing all kind of wire mesh safety guards for schools including heater guards, light, guards, and sensor guards for many decades.

Our helpful customer support team made great efforts to assist the staff at Imagination Preschool. They advised on how to measure their guards and what information was required for our engineers to be able to design the correct wire mesh electric radiator guards for the school.

Aiano brightly coloured wire guards include this sloping top radiator guard coated red
In designing the electric radiator guards for Imagination Preschool, AIANO took into account sockets, window sills and cables to ensure the guards would fit perfectly.
Aiano brightly coloured wire guards include this radiator guard powder coated in canary yellow.
This Aiano wire mesh electric radiator guard was made with the left side panel open so that the guard could be fitted neatly into the corner of the wall.


AIANO hassle free design, manufacture and install wie mesh electric radiator guards

All the electric radiators at Imagination Preschool were of the same make and model. In spite of this, Aiano specialists checked the dimensions and specification for each heater in the light of information provided by the customer. The school provided photographs of each heater and details about the position and distance of potential obstacles such as window sills, sockets and walls.

AIANO has special guidance on how to choose your radiator guard, and a series of dimension sheets to help measure your heaters. You can download a a dimension sheet for each main type of heater to help you collect the information AIANO specialists need to design your wire mesh electric radiator guards. AIANO engineers can also come to your school to carry out a site survey. In this particular instance, Imagination Preschool were able to provide the necessary information without the need of a site survey. However, they did want the peace of mind  provided by an AIANO installation service.

The wire mesh electric radiator guards were manufactured by AIANO welders and fabricators taking into account window sills, cable conduits, sockets and so on. Next, during the half term holiday AIANO engineers went to the school to install the guards, which, as you can see from the photographs, are a perfect fit. AIANO engineers take great pride in doing a good job, whether this be the deign and manufacture of the guards, or their installation.

AIANO installed wire mesh electric radiator guards for Imagination Preschool

This particular wire mesh electric radiator guard has a specially positioned cut-out so that the guard fits over the cable conduit.

AIANO wire mesh electric radiator guards allow for optimum heat circulation

AIANO wire mesh radiator guards at Imagination Preschool have special positioned control access flaps to give access to the heater controls.

C. AIANO & SONS—159 years of excellence

Aiano & Sons, Ltd. has been making wire guards for health & safety and security for more than 150 years. From our London workshop, AIANO makes a wide range of products for tubular heaters, storage, panel and convector heaters, fluorescent light fittings, floodlights, bulkheads, sensors and many more..

Our products help to provide health and safety protection in a variety of industrial and public environments from warehouses to the factory floor, in schools and hospitals. As well as Bespoke guards AIANO stocks a wide range of guards for popular makes of heater as well as many other types of wire mesh guards for health and safety purposes. AIANO also has decades of experience designing bespoke wire guards for particular customer needs and requirements.

Please call us on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO heater guards.

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