Find the correct AIANO product when guarding heaters fitted with the Dimplex TTHLK tubular heater linking kit.

The Dimplex TTHLK tubular heater linking kit is designed to join two Dimplex thermostatic tubular heaters for neat and compact installation.

Not all tubular heaters are installed using the linking kit.

If you install your heaters with the kit, you will need a different size and model of AIANO tubular heater guard.

The Dimplex TTHLK tubular heater linking kit used to join two Dimplex1ft thermostatic tubular heaters 

When you install two Dimplex tubular heaters, one above the other you can choose to do this with or without the Dimplex TTHLK thermostatic tubular heater linking kit.

If you install your heaters without the kit, there is greater freedom to position the heaters as you wish. In this case, an AIANO double tubular heater guard should be a perfect fit.

If you install the heaters using the linking kit for a neat finish, the distance between the two tubular heaters will typically be greater, requiring use of a different AIANO tubular heater guard with the suffix /LK.

Please see our convenient table below which provides a guide to which AIANO guard is required for each length of heater when installed with or without the linking kit.

Which AIANO tubular heater guard do I need?

Product CodeDescriptionDimplex modelGuard Size (mm) WxHxD
STG 111 ft single tubular heater guardECOT1FT406  x 137 x 114
STG 121ft double tubular heater guard406  x 222 x 114
STG 12/LK1ft double for use with Dimplex linking kit ECOT1FT with TTHLK406  x 305 x 114
STG 131ft treble tubular heater guard406  x 305 x 114
STG 212ft single tubular heater guardECOT2FT713  x 137 x 114
STG 222ft double tubular heater guard713  x 222 x 114
STG 22/LK2ft double for use with Dimplex linking kit ECOT2FT with TTHLK713  x 305 x 114
STG 232ft treble tubular heater guard713  x 305 x 114
STG 242ft 4 bank tubular heater guard713  x 508 x 114
STG 313ft single tubular heater guardECOT3FT1018  x 137 x 114
STG 323ft double tubular heater guard1018  x 222 x 114
STG 32/LK3ft double for use with Dimplex linking kit ECOT3FT with TTHLK1018  x 305 x 114
STG 333ft treble tubular heater guard1018  x 305 x 114
STG 343ft 4 bank tubular heater guard1018  x 508 x 114
STG 414ft single tubular heater guardECOT4FT1323 x 137 x 114
STG 424ft double tubular heater guard1323 x 222 x 114
STG 42/LK4ft double for use with Dimplex linking kit ECOT4FT with TTHLK1323 x 305 x 114
STG 434ft treble tubular heater guard1323 x 305 x 114
STG 444ft 4 bank tubular heater guard1323 x 508 x 114
STG 515ft single tubular heater guardECOT5FT1630 x 137 x 114
STG 525ft double tubular heater guard1630 x 222 x 114
STG 52/LK5ft double for use with Dimplex linking kit ECOT5FT with TTHLK1630 x 305 x 114
STG 535ft treble tubular heater guard1630 x 305 x 114
STG 545ft 4 bank tubular heater guard1630 x 508 x 114
STG 616ft single tubular heater guardECOT6FT1933 x 137 x 114
STG 626ft double tubular heater guard1933 x 222 x 114
STG 62/LK6ft double for use with Dimplex linking kit ECOT6FT with TTHLK1933 x 305 x 114
STG 636ft treble tubular heater guard1933 x 305 x 114
STG 646ft 4 bank tubular heater guard1933 x 508 x 114

Advantages of Aiano Classic tubular heater guards

Aiano’s has been manufacturing tubular heater guards for as long as there have been tubular heaters, and has the richest and longest experience in the market.
AIANO Classic 1ft single tubular heater guard
  • Aiano’s offers the widest choice of tubular heater guards on the market.
  • Aiano’s offers two ranges of tubular heater guards (THG and STG) to ensure the best possible fit with all the leading tube heaters on the market.
  • Tubular guards from AIANO are durable to help prevent damage caused to the heater, and finger-safe to reduce risk of injury caused by the heater.
  • The AIANO tube guard offers optimum heat circulation due to the open wire mesh design.
  • The wire guards are durable and attractive – they follow the contours of the tubular heater, and there are no sharp edges or corners that could cause injury.
  • The compactness of the design means the guards take up the minimum necessary wall-space.
  • The guards are supplied with moveable clips for ease of installation – you choose where to position the clip to the guard for fixing to the wall.
  • When installed facing inwards behind the guard, the clips are highly tamper-proof and almost invisible.
  • The guards are available in a choice of cream (parchment) or white.
  • The tubular guard design is naturally strong but light in weight.
  • The guards are mesh from end to end facilitating optimum heater circulation, with no awkward frames or protrusions.
  • AIANO tubular heater guards are suitable for covering heating pipes.
  • The guards can be installed end to end in a modular configuration without compromising heat circulation.
  • Aiano’s stocks every size increment of tubular heater guard from 1ft to 6ft (1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft).
  • Aiano’s stocks tubular heater guard for banks of two, three and four heaters (double guards, treble guards and quad guards), as well as the standard single tubular heater guard.

Why buy wire mesh heater guards from AIANO?

AIANO is an industry expert and authority, and very often AIANO is recommended in bid documents, in specifications and requirements by local authorities, architects, construction companies or users because of our reputation for high quality, reliability, credibility and fast delivery.

  • Usually we develop new designs and establish new trends and other companies follow.
  • Our design is based on the rules which relate to the following parameters and considerations: Clearance between a radiator and a guard varies from product to product depending on type, model and circumstances where and for what purpose it is used.
  • We use durable quality powder coating comprising an epoxy-polyester mix, which protects the guard from dust and dampness.
  • For good circulation we measure physical parameters and test different sizes of mesh to provide efficient circulation and appropriate temperature.
  • We try to use different mesh size and clearance for children and adults to protect their various finger lengths from risk.
  • Aiano’s offers the widest choice of guard designs on the market.
  • Our products are made using high quality steel mesh manufactured in the UK and the EU.
  • We offer a bespoke service, and will design a guards to suit your specific requirements..
  • We offer site services including site survey and installation service.
  • Our products are individually crafted with pride by our expert wireworkers, welders and fabricators.
  • AIANO is the only radiator guard manufacturer to be recommended by Dimplex and to feature on the Dimplex website.

C. AIANO & SONS—161 years of excellence

Aiano & Sons, Ltd. has been making wire guards for health & safety and security for more than 150 years. From our London workshop, AIANO makes a wide range of products for tubular heaters, storage, panel and convector heaters, fluorescent light fittings, floodlights, bulkheads, sensors and many more..

Our products help to provide health and safety protection in a variety of industrial and public environments from warehouses to the factory floor, in schools and hospitals. As well as Bespoke guards AIANO stocks a wide range of guards for popular makes of heater as well as many other types of wire mesh guards for health and safety purposes. AIANO also has decades of experience designing bespoke wire guards for particular customer needs and requirements.

Please call us on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO heater guards.

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