AIANO designs and manufactures church pipe guards and tubular heater guard products. Our depth of knowledge and experience in working with churches is unparalleled. Whether your church has legacy heating pipes or tubular heaters, AIANO can provide the right solution. 

Aiano manufactures two standard ranges of tubular heater guards for thermostatic and non-thermostatic tubular heaters. We can supply modified versions of the our classic tubular heater guard models, for example, with bespoke fixings, or an alternative coating. Aiano also offers a special service designing and manufacturing bespoke church pipe guards.


AIANO tubular heater guards

Aiano’s is the oldest manufacturer of tubular heater guards on the market. We have been manufacturing wire mesh guards for tubular heaters for as long as there have been tubular heaters. Our guards are the result of decades of experience and a constant effort to keep our manufacturing processes at the front of innovation.

Aiano’s manufactures two ranges of tubular heater guards:

  • AIANO STG range for thermostatic tubular heaters which were introduced to the market by Glen Dimplex Group (the DImplex ECOT range of tubular heaters and equivalents), and 
  • AIANO THG range for traditional non-thermostatic tubular heaters (such as Thermotube).

The reason we make two ranges of tubular heaters is because the thermostatic and non-thermostatic heaters have different dimensions. Our guards are optimised to provide a perfect fit for each respective tubular heater range. Our tubular heater guards are suitable as both church pipe guards and church tubular heater guards.

AIANO bespoke pipe guards for St. Mary's,Horton Kirby

“It has been a pleasure to order goods from Aiano who provided such a friendly and efficient service from the time of our enquiry right through to delivery..”


Malcolm Green

St Mary's Horton Kirby

AIANO STG – Thermostatic tubular heater guards

AIANO thermostatic tubular heater guards for every length of heater

Thermostatic tubular heaters have an in-built adjustable thermostat with rotary control, which makes them longer than traditional non-thermostatic heaters and they require a longer guard. AIANO STG range of thermostatic tubular heater guards are the only guards designed in cooperation with DIMPLEX, the leading manufacturer of thermostatic tubular heaters for the ECOT tubular heaters with thermostats

AIANO THG – non-thermostatic tubular heater guards

AIANO THG range of tubular heater guards are the original non-thermostatic tubular heater guards for tube heaters without thermostats..

Designed and refined over many decades, the AIANO THG is perfectly suited for use with traditional non-thermostatic tube heaters such as those made by Thermotube, Hylite and others.

AIANO tubular heater guards for everylength of non-thermostatic tube heater

AIANO pipe guard projects for churches

Why AIANO tubular heater guards are a good solution for churches

The AIANO Classic tubular heater guard design has been refined over many years and lends itself to customisation for different environments and requirements.  They can be used as church pipe guards as well as church tubular heater guards. And if the standard guards are not exactly right for your church, we offer a bespoke service. Here are just a few of the design benefits:

AIANO church pipe guards installed end to end for the desired total length

Aiano church pipe guards installed end to end

Combinations of AIANO tubular hearer guards can be selected to give the exact desired overall length and can be installed seamlessly end to end.


AIANO guards cover several heating pipes 

Aiano tubular heater guards come in four widths – usually called singles, doubles, trebles and quads – that fit over heating pipes or tubular heaters installed one above the other.

AIANO church pipe guards cover several parallel lengths of pipe
AIANO pipe guards installed end to end for the desired total length

Optimum heat circulation, optimum safety

The AIANO tried and tested open mesh design facilitates optimum heat circulation, while the guard stays safe to touch. 

AIANO finger-safe mesh and safe clearance

Aiano’s uses elongated mesh with a 1″ x 1/2″ (25mm x 11mm)  aperture to prevent the majority of fingers passing through the mesh. In the event that curious fingers should prove small enough to pass through the openings, Aiano’s ensures there is sufficient clearance between the heater and the guard to prevent touching the heater.

Aiano's provides a complete service solution to churches for pipe guards
Aiano's provides a complete service solution to churches for pipe guards

Aiano’s offers a variety of finishes and materials

Standard guards are coated white or cream, but AIANO church pipe guards and tubular heater guards can be coated in a colour to blend with the interior of your church. In practice this is very often black or brown, but other colours are also available. We also make guards in stainless steel or galvanised for outdoor use.

Aiano’s offers a complete service for peace of mind

We offer a full service solution including:

  • initial site survey
  • design and manufacture
  • installation
Aiano's provides a complete service solution to churches for pipe guards


Some key questions if you are considering pipe guards for your church


1.  What is the diameter of your heating pipes or tubular heaters?

2.  How far off the wall and/or floor is the heating pipe installed?

3.  What overall lengths of guard are required (for example, the length of each pew that has tubular heaters)?

4. Are there any obstacles that might require cut-outs, such a pew leg or a socket.

5.  How can the guard be fixed in position, for example, to the wall, a pew, or to the pipe itself?

6.  Is there sufficient space around the pipe to allow for a safe clearance between the pipe and the guard (ideally a minimum of 75mm)?

7.  What colour powder coating will best blend with the church interior to be as inconspicuous as possible?

AIANO may not need to carry out a site survey if you are able to send us photographs of your pipes and dimensions as described above. Call us today on 020 7987 1184 or complete our enquiry form for further advice or a quotation.



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