Aiano manufactures quality, distinctive wire mesh radiator guards and covers to provide health and safety in various industrial, public and domestic environments. In addition, over the years we have developed a number of extra heater guard product options and features for enhanced health & safety, such as our lockable control flaps, or, simply for greater convenience, such as our welded legs, that facilitate cleaning underneath the guard.

Aiano’s was the first company to design a sloping top radiator guard, which offers extra health & safety protection, which gives an attractive finish.

Aiano heater guard product options also include welded hook fixings can face inwards behind the guard, or protrude out from the guard, according to customer preference. This option means the guard can be easily removed for efficient cleaning, or heater maintenance. An additional heater guard product option is the ingenious Aiano device called Aiano Removable/Lockable,means the guards can be locked in position, and then unlocked and removed when needed.

For your conveieince, we offer a range of quality brass padlocks, manufactured in the EU, suitable for use with our lockable control flaps and our wire mesh lockers.

Aiano’s ingenuity does not stop here and we design many guards to fit customer’s particular needs, budgets and requirements. Please visit our bespoke products page.

Heater guard product options included welded hooks for easy guard removal

Aisno storage heater guard with welded hooks


Heater guard product options include the AIANO lockable control flap

Aiano Sloping top heater guard with lockable control flap

Heater guard product options include welded legs for ease of cleaning around the heater

Aiano storage heater guard with welded legs

Heater guard product options

Product CodeOptionDescription
C/FLAPLockable control flapThis is a small hinged door in the guard to provide access to the heater controls, it can be secured shut with a small padlock (not supplied).
S/COSkirting cut-outsCut-outs can be made to any size to ensure the heater guard fits snugly to the wall.
WHKWelded hooksOccasionally it is necessary to have wire mesh heater guards that can be easily removed.
L/WSEAiano removable/lockableWhen the guards are in place they are lockable but with the option of being able to unlock and remove them, for cleaning, for example.
STSloping topSloping tops are useful in environments where it is important not to sit or place things on top of the guards, for example in Libraries.
PadlockPadlockWe offer a range of 'keyed alike' 25mm brass padlocks at competitive prices suitable for use with Aiano control flaps.
Padlock-25UPadlockWe offer 'unique-keyed' 25mm padlocks at competitive prices suitable for use Aiano heater control flaps and wire mesh lockers.
Padlock-40UPadlockWe offer 'unique-keyed' 40mm padlocks at competitive prices suitable for use Aiano wire mesh lockers.

For advice on how to choose the correct guard and the most appropriate product options call us today on 020 7987 1184 for advice and a quote.

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