Aiano’s distinctive sensor guards and socket guards are manufactured in Britain from steel weld mesh on a round bar frame with welded lugs. The guards are powder coated white for indoor use, or galvanised for outdoor use.

Aiano’s makes wire mesh sensor guards for all kinds of devices including PIR devices, motion detectors, thermostats, electric sockets and switches, and many other applications.

We have a selection of standard wire mesh sensor guards and wire mesh socket guards that suit many of the most popular fittings, and we offer a bespoke service. Please contact us for more information.

PIR/G small galvanised sensor guard

PIR/G sensor guard

FL/Sock Aiano socket guard with hinged flap and cable drop

FLSock hinged socket guard

PIR/T sensor guard

PIR/T sensor guard

How to choose your sensor guard

Aiano’s manufactures a wide selection of sensor guards that fit many popular products on the market. However, before placing an order for our standard guards be sure to check that you have the correct guard size.

It is important to have some distance between the sensor and the guard – we call this clearance. The strength of wire mesh comes from its ability to absorb impact. If the guard is too close to the fitting there is a risk of the mesh ‘giving’ and damaging the light fitting it is designed to protect. Therefore selecting the correct guard size is of paramount importance. However, sensors come in many shapes and sizes and it is difficult to generalise about the clearance.

General guidelines for clearance on sensor guards would be the same as for bulkhead guards, but if in doubt please contact us for advice:

  • width – 100mm
  • height – 100mm
  • depth from the wall – 50mm

Our standard wire mesh socket guards are based on the standard UK double socket and are suitable for most single and double sockets. However, if your sockets extend a long way from the wall or are non-standard in someway then you may wish to contact us for advice.

Sensor guards

Click the Aiano product code below to view details in our store.

Product CodeDescriptionGuard Size (mm) W x H x D
PIR/GAiano PIR sensor guard -galvanised178 x 152 x 152
PIR/WAiano PIR sensor guard - white178 x 152 x 152
ELS/SAiano small exit sign guard - galvanised355 x 228 x 177
ELS/MAiano medium exit sign guard - galvanised533 x 228 x 177
PIR/TAiano thermostat guard - white102 x 102 x 102
PIR/MDAiano motion detector guard - corner guard - white127 x 203 x 152
PIR/SKTAiano socket guard with cable drop cut-out178 x 152 x 102
FL/SockAiano socket guard with hinged front and cable drop cut-out178 x 152 x 102

Aiano’s range of wire mesh sensor guards and wire mesh socket guards offer reliable protection for small bulkheads, PIR sensors, electric sockets, motion detectors, thermostats, emergency exit signs and so on, whether indoor or outdoor.

Aiano’s new motion detector guard PIR/MD is conveniently designed to be installed in the corner of the room, while our socket guard, FL/Sock, has a hinged front for easy access and a cable drop.

Always check the size of your fitting carefully to ensure selection of the correct guard or call us today on 020 7987 1184 for advice.

If you have special requirements for non-standard fluorescent light guards, floodlight guards, bulkhead guards or sensor guards, call us on 020 79871184 or email us for a quote today.
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