AIANO heavy duty radiator guards are a strong guard, designed to provide extra protection in tough environments

AIANO Heavy Duty guards are a strong guard designed for tough environments

AIANO designs wire mesh guards for all needs

AIANO is the pre-eminent radiator guard specialist. No other manufacturer has been designing and manufacturing wire mesh heater guards for as long as AIANO.

AIANO has the widest range of product designs for different requirements and environments, and we continue to invest in new product development and innovation.  One of our many solutions is the AIANO Heavy Duty range of heater guards.

AIANO heavy duty radiator guards

AIANO Classic heater guards are strong guards that are suitable for most environments, however on occasion our customers do feel they require a guard that offers extra protection. In such cases we are able to offer our AIANO Heavy Duty guards, which are designed for especially tough environments. A few of the applications for these guards include, Territorial Army facilities, railway stations and special needs’ schools.

AIANO Heavy Duty radiator guards are made from strong steel angle bar and flat bar, that form a heavy frame, offering greater robustness and resilience to potential damage. The angle bar is designed to attach to the wall and offers increased stability and an attractive appearance.

AIANO was recently contacted by a contractor who wished to have heavy duty radiator guards made for use in a school. We normally advise that our Classic guards are of sufficient strength to be used in most schools, however, in some instances, schools require extra protection.

AIANO provides a wide range of guard solutions for schools and nurseries around the country including AIANO radiator guards for Dollis Junior School and AIANO special Ball guards for St Augustines School.

AIANO bespoke solutions

AIANO is able to manufacture and provide heavy duty radiator guards with special features, such as offset lugs and skirting cut-outs.

In this photo the pipe cut outs are return lugs are clearly visible on the guard. You can also see the return which is designed to rest on top of the windowsill

As well as requiring AIANO Heavy Duty heater guards, the radiators at the school in question were a complex installation of pipes and window sills.

In situations like this this we offer a bespoke solution to ensure the guard can be installed correctly. Thankfully we are able to call on our skilled engineers and fabricators to provide solutions based on decades of experience.

With a detailed template of the heaters, AIANO was able to fabricate guards with cut-outs and modifications to make a perfect fit.  In this instance we designed guards with offset lugs so the guards are fixed slightly off the wall, and cut outs which fit around the prominent sections of pipework. For the radiator that sits directly under a windowsill, a return was added to the guard which rests on top of the window sill.

AIANO works for schools, nurseries and Pre-Schools around the country. Please see other examples of our project for schools on our blog Aiano Newswire. We also stock a wide range of standard products for the most popular radiators and keep a good selection of light guards in stock too.

If you have special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation. We can make guards to all sizes and requirements. Please call Scott or Gokay on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO guards.

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