Malcolm Green of St Mary’s Church writes:

It has been a pleasure to order bespoke tubular heater guards from AIANO. They provided such a friendly and efficient service from the time of our enquiry right through to delivery.

St Marys The Virgin church, Horton Kirby

Aiano’s designs and manufactures pipe guards and tubular heater guards for churches around the country. Recently, Aiano’s worked on one such project with the church of St. Mary the Virgin, Horton Kirby. St. Mary’s is a Grade II* Listed Anglican Church nestling in the Darent Valley, about four miles south of Dartford. The church dates back to the year 1225.

The risks of tubular heaters without protective guards

In 2008, St Mary’s church installed tubular heaters to the Victorian pews in the Nave, fixed to the underside of the pew seats. At that time the church did not consider the possible safety risk to vulnerable adults and children of leaving the heaters unguarded.

However, some ten years later, the PCC was concerned that someone seated could burn their legs, or even worse, a child could go beneath the pew seats and burn themselves. In 2018, St. Mary’s church, therefore, decided to fit guards to all the tubular heaters in order to make them safe to use and, to that end, agreed not to use the heaters until the guards had been fitted.

St. Marys Church pew seats

The church provided detailed information to Aiano including photos showing the layout of the pews, and architectural drawings of the bespoke tubular heater guards required.

Aiano bespoke tubular heater guard at St Mary's church

Some of the AIANO bespoke tubular heater guards had a special curved shape that was short at the top and long at the bottom to enable them to be fixed to the underside of the pews.

AIANO bespoke tubular heater guards for St. Mary’s

When St Mary’s church approached AIANO, they were unsure which type of guards were needed for the tubular heaters.There are numerous electrical boxes, switch socket outlets and electrical cables underneath the pews, making the installation of standard tubular heater guards difficult.

AIANO standard THG or STG tubular heater guards, which are “U” shaped would not fit as there was insufficient space to fix the return “leg” of the U-section.

AIANO gave an initial budgetary quote based on its standard tubular heater guards.This was a great help to the PCC in giving an idea of what the project would cost. Installing guards was now a high priority for the church, but since the standard tubular heater guards would not be suitable, it became necessary to look at implementing a bespoke solution.

St Mary's architect detailed drawing for bespoke tubular heater guards

A set of detailed architectural drawings were produced together with photos and a guard schedule were sent to AIANO.

St Marys architect detailed drawings for bespoke tubular heater guards

Six different types of bespoke tubular heater guards were required for the project and many of them had a number of cut-outs to ensure they fitted around the various obstacles such as switches and sockets. Each guard were manufactured by AIANO expert welders and fabricators. 

The guards were powder coated black to blend in better with the pews and the church interior. AIANO often provides wire guards that are powder coated black or brown for churches.

See some of our other projects for churches including wire mesh pipe guards for  for All Saints, Wickham St Paul, and DRU ART radiator guards for Oasis Christian Centre. For Oasis Christan Centre AIANO designed radiator guards for these large gas heaters that sloped from side to side in line with their slanting floor.

Full testimonial from St Mary’s Church

“It has been a pleasure to order bespoke tubular heater guards from AIANO. As experts and leading manufacturers of wire mesh guards,they provided such a friendly and efficient service from the time of our enquiry right through to delivery, which was a great help to the PCC.

Considering the complex nature and quantity we were so pleased to find that all the guards were made exactly as our drawings, precisely to the design and dimensions. Once the order was placed the guards were manufactured in the agreed space of around two weeks. Even the packaging and delivery was so well considered.

They guards were fitted by church members in January 2019 and now the congregation can be warm again in safe knowledge that no one will be injured from burns. Thank you very much C. Aiano & Sons Ltd.”

Malcolm Green

St Mary the Virgin, Horton Kirby

AIANO pipe guard and tubular heater guard expertise

Aiano’s has decades of experience working with churches to find solutions for their heating pipes and tubular heaters. In particular,

  • The AIANO wire guard offers optimum heat circulation due to the open wire mesh design.
  • The guards can be installed end to end in a modular configuration. Thus a number of guard can easily be configured to provide a continuous length of guards under pews or along wall.
  • The AIANO open mesh design provides optimum heat circulation, while the guard is still safe to touch.
  • The standard AIANO tubular heater guards have movable p-clip fixings which provide flexibility during installation. The fixing point can be decided  at the time of installation.
  • In addition, the guards can be easily customised to use alternative fixing methods such as welded lugs or brackets.
  • The guards can be powder coated in any colour.
  • AIANO offer an optional site survey and installation service.

Please call Sarah or Lana on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO heater guards.

AIANO bespoke tubular heater guards
AIANO bespoke tubular heater guards
AIANO bespoke tubular heater guards
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