AIANO DRU art heater guard at Oasis Christian Centre

AIANO manufactures DRU Art heater guards

AIANO manufactures DRU Art heater guards. AIANO is frequently asked to design and manufacture guards for Drugasar flue gas heaters, which are a popular heating solution for churches and schools.

The bulky nature of these heaters means there are very often special design features that need to be considered. The most popular heaters that AIANO is asked to guard is the DRU Art series of balanced flue heaters which are deep heaters. Once you add the clearance needed to make a safe guard, the guard can be up 350mm deep, making for a very tempting surface for objects. This is why the AIANO sloping top guard is a popular design for these heater models.

For any heater guards, but especially for guards with traditional flat tops, a warning notice should be clearly displayed above every heater and guard informing people that objects and items of clothing should on no account be placed on top of the guard.

AIANO Classic DRU Art heater guard

AIANO Dru Art heater guard for a Drugasar Art 10 heater at the Oasis Christian Centre

Oasis Christian Centre ordered AIANO DRU Art heater guards

Oasis Christian Centre in Long Eaton, Nottingham

DRU Art heater guards for a sloping floor

Oasis Christian Centre in Long Eaton contacted AIANO to help guard six large Dru ART10 heaters in their church. Oasis Christian Centre had a rather particular problem. The floor of the church slanted, and the customer was keen that the guards should follow the line of the dado rail rather than the line of the floor.

If the guards followed the line of the floor and the top of the heaters they would look out of alignment with the dado rail. Of course, by following the dado rail, the guards are out of alignment with the heaters themselves, but this is less noticeable.

AIANO thus manufactured guards that slanted from left to right, they were taller on one side than the other. The amount of the slant varied from heater to heater and ranged from one to two inches.

In addition, several heaters were located in corners of the room with little space between the heater and the wall. AIANO designed guards with one side panel missing that could be fixed directly to the lateral wall. These guards needed a skirting cut-out on the front of the guard as well as the side.

AIANO has significant experience of providing Bespoke guards health and safety purposes Some of our more diverse recent projects for schools include radiator guards for Dollis Primary School, Bespoke internal window guards for a special needs’ school in Greenwich, bespoke ceiling-mounted guards for a school sports’ hall in Leyton, and ball guards for St Augustine’s School in Kilburn.

The Oasis Christian Centre

The Oasis Christian Centre in Long Eaton, Nottingham, is part of the Elim Pentecostal Church. From small beginnings the community built their own church in 1960, however this building became too small for their growing numbers.

In 1980 they acquired Bethel Methodist Church and re-opened as the Elim Pentecostal Church. In the late eighties, after falling numbers, the church re-launched as the Christian Oasis Centre, since when the church has flourished.

The church has a thriving community with many children, and they needed to ensure their environment was safe as well as warm.

AIANO DRU Art heater guards with Sloping tops

The DRU Art heater guard shown in this photo was made for The Mount School in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The guard has a sloping top and was powder coated cream. Sloping top guards offer extra heath and safety protection because they prevent people placing objects on top of the guard. They are also an attraction guard solution.

AIANO DRU Art heater guards have a strong round bar frame and supporting bars. The optional control flap gives access to the controls on the front of the heater.

AIANO DRU Art heater guard for the Mount School

AIANO DRU Art heater guard with sloping top for the Drugasar Art 8 heater

C. AIANO & SONS—158 years of excellence

C. Aiano & Sons, Ltd. has been making wire guards for health & safety and security for more than 150 years.

From our London workshop, AIANO makes a wide range of products for tubular heaters, storage, panel and convector heaters, fluorescent light fittings, floodlights, bulkheads, sensors and many more..

Our products help to provide health and safety protection in a variety of industrial and public environments from warehouses to the factory floor, in schools and hospitals.

As well as our standard products, we offer a bespoke service whereby we can both manufacture to customer requirements or design and manufacture a custom solution. AIANO also stocks a wide range of guards for popular makes of heater as well as many other types of wire mesh guard for health and safety purposes

For further information or a quote, please contact us today at or call us on 020 7987 1184.

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