Aiano engineer installs pipe guards at St Paul's

Many churches around the UK have a problem with the health & safety risk of exposed heating pipes that pose a clear hazard to vulnerable adults and children. Aiano’s has experience stretching back over 150 years in helping churches address such problems.

The church of All Saints, in the village of Wickham St Paul’s near Basildon in Essex, contacted Aiano’s about manufacturing and installing pipe guards in the church. With guidance from Aiano, the churchwarden was able to measure the pipe under pews and fixed to walls for guarding.

AIANO pipe guards for churches

Aiano’s offers a bespoke service for churches in the manufacture of pipe guards. Sometimes our standard tubular heater guards are a suitable solution for protecting either tubular heaters or heating pipes in churches. We can make our tubular heater guards to any length required.

Aiano’s also manufactures bespoke guard designs to fit any shape or configuration of heating pipes. The guards may need to be deeper or wider than standard guards. Perhaps they have need of special welded brackets or other fixings.

In particular, Aiano’s can powder-coat the guards any colour, including brown and black, to better merge with the church interior.

Aiano made pipe guards for All Saints Church pipe guards for the church of All Saints, Wickham St Paul.

Aiano’s made and installed wire mesh pipe guards for All Saints church

All Saints’ church, in the village of Wickham St Paul, dates back to the fourteenth century with some later additions, amd, in particular, has a brick tower built in the early 16th century.

The church lost most of its stained glass during the Reformation, but still has a fifteenth century rod screen and baptismal font.

Obtaining a faculty – planning permission for churches

Before the church could proceed with the work it needed to obtain a faculty. A faculty in the Church of England is the church equivalent of planning permission. The faculty process is a safeguard to ensure that alterations and repairs to church buildings are of the highest quality, and that important contents are preserved. For those involved it can seem a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

From January 2016, a new simplified process came into effect that is supposed to modernise and streamline the faculty system. A major innovation is a new system for online applications. More information is available on the ChurchCare website provided by Church and Church Buildings Division of the Archbishops’ Council.

Aiano pipe guards covers a run of 3 heating pipes

Aiano pipe guards installed at All Saints church

Aiano pipe guards fixed over a double pipe under a church pew

AIANO bespoke pipe guards for All Saints church

Many old churches have a problem with the health & safety risk posed by exposed heating pipes. These pipes are often in awkward and inaccessible places that are tempting for children to explore and touch. Aiano’s has experience stretching back over 150 years in helping churches address such problems.

For All Saints’ church, Aiano manufactured pipe guards to a variety of different lengths to fit the spaces, under pews, against walls, inside stalls, and so on. When Aiano engineers visited the church to install the pipe guards, as you can see from the main picture above, the working space was often cramped and highly restricted.

AIANO pipe guards and installation services 

Aiano’s makes pipe guard solutions for a variety of environments including churches and schools. You can read about the pipe guards we made for St Botolph’s church in Northamptonshire. We also make and install pipe guards for schools. You can read about our project to make and install bespoke radiator guards and pipe guards for Kingston Community School.

As well as designing and manufacturing the pipe guards, AIANO offer site services, including site servey and installation service. The end to end service to design, build and install from AIANO offers peace of mind. Contact us today on T. 020 7987 1184 or by email to if you would like to know more about AIANO pipe guards, any other type of wire guards, and our site services.

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