AIANO worked in cooperation with Dimplex to design and develop a new range of quartz heater guards for Dimplex Quartz heaters.

AIANO QXD3000-AIA quartz heater guards


 Aiano Quartz heater guards

– Strong reliable guards
– Protect heaters from damage
– Choice of white or black
– Bespoke service
– Thoroughly tested




Quartz heaters emit an intense focused heat and the primary function of the Aiano guard is to protect the quartz tube and fitting from accidental damage. There is a risk of the guard becoming hot to touch, particularly around the area of the guard where the quartz rays are focused.  However, the manufacturer’s recommendation is that the heaters must be installed at a height of from 2 to 4m, depending on the model. As a result, the chance of someone burning themselves on the heater or the guard is dramatically reduced. Thus the main consideration in designing the guard is to protect the heater from damage.

One of the QXD3000-AIA quartz heater guards installed

QXD3000-AIA – installed


Technical specification

The guards are strong and well made from 25 x 25 x 2.64mm (1” x 1” 12swg) steel weld mesh on a 5.35 frame. AIANO Quartz heater guards are built to the standard customers expect from AIANO products.  They can be finished in WHITE or BLACK powder coating.

One of QXD3000-AIA black quartz heater guards

QXD3000-AIA black quartz heater guard


Product Code
To Suit
Dimplex Model
To Suit
Creda Model
Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
PH500PLX050E, PLX500, EPX500TPRIII500610 x 584 x 178
PH750PLX075E, PLX750, PLX1000, EPX750, EPX1000TPRIII750, TPRIII1000762 x 584 x 178
PH1000PLX125E, PLX1250, PLX1500, EPX1250, EPX1500TPRIII1250, TPRIII1500838 x 584 x 178
PH2000PLX200E, PLX2000, EPX2000TPRIII20001016 x 584 x 178
PH3000PLXC300E, PLX3000TX/TI1016 x 584 x 229


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