AIANO PH500 – Panel heater guard

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Wire mesh radiator guard to suit 0.5kW panel heater, or heaters of equivalent size


AIANO PH500 wire mesh panel heater guard is designed to fit the Dimplex PLX050E panel heater (0.5kW) and its equivalents (see Additional Information for a more detailed list of compatible products), with heater size around:

  • width 450mm
  • height 430mm
  • depth 108mm (for guard size, see Additional Information).

This PH heater guard was developed by AIANO in cooperation with Dimplex.

The PH500 will help protect your heater from damage and prevent children or adults from touching the heater, all the while allowing for optimum heat circulation.

This five-sided, wall-mounted panel heater guard is made from steel weld mesh and is powder-coated white. The guards have welded lugs for fixing to the wall. The PH500 will completely enclose your wall-mounted panel heater, or similar heater, to provide health and safety protection in a variety of environments.

Which guard size? For most standard types of heater it is recommended that there be a minimum clearance of 75mm (3 inches) between the heater and the guard.
Compatibility: The Aiano PH500 wire mesh radiator guard is designed to fit many popular makes of 0.5kW panel heater, or heaters of an equivalent size.

C. Aiano & Sons manufactures quality, custom-made wire mesh products and has been doing so for 159 years and counting.

Key features:

  • AIANO panel heater guards feature on the Dimplex website
  • Materials: 25mm x 25mm steel weld mesh on a steel frame with welded lugs
  • Colour: white
  • Clearance: the guard allows a clearance of 75mm between the heater and the guard to ensure that the guard is finger-safe and does not become too warm
  • Origin: the guard is manufactured in the UK from British and EU-sourced steel

Contact us for further advice or guidance on selecting the right guard for your heaters.

Additional information

Weight 20.7 kg
Dimensions 669 × 20 × 60 cm
Product Type

Panel Heater Guard



Guard Manufacturer

Manufactured in the UK by AIANO


Made from 1" x 1" x 12swg (25 x 25 x 2.64mm) steel weld mesh on a 5swg (5.38mm) frame, with 4 welded lugs and powder-coated white after manufacture.

Suits Heater Models

Dimplex: PLX050E, PLX500, ATC: DPH500-ECO, DPH750-ECO, Atlantic: AH500103, Consort Claudgen: PLE050, PLE075, PSL050, PSL075, Creda: TPRIII050E, Devola: DVM1000W, DVM10WF, Elnur: PH-075 PLUS, Heatstore: HSDP500, HSP500WRF, HSP750WRF, Hyco AC500T, AC1000T, Levanté: ECOPANEL500, Nobo: 82340002, 82440002, Purus: PUR400PH-2, PCV600, Stiebel Eltron: CNS 75 Trend UK, CNS 100 Trend UK, Sunhouse: SPHN50, Ultraheat: 4PHS400, 4PSS400, VERSIONS OF THE ABOVE HEATERS WITH EQUIVALENT DIMENSIONS ARE ALSO SUITED. YOU MAY CONTACT US TO CONFIRM IF WE SUPPLY A SPECIFIC GUARD FOR YOUR HEATER MODEL.


Made from steel produced in the UK and EU.

Short Description

Wire mesh radiator guard to suit 0.5kW panel heater, or heaters of equivalent size

Guard Size

w610 x h584 x d178mm

Heater Size

w450 x h430 x d108mm