AIANO sloping top radiator guards for schools

AIANO sloping top radiator guards for schools were installed in a Jewish faith school in North London

AIANO projects in School

AIANO wire mesh guards for schools are often necessary to meet health and safety requirements

AIANO are often asked to supply sloping top radiator guards for schools

AIANO manufactures sloping top radiator guards for schools.  Over the years AIANO has gained a reputation as for manufacturing wire mesh guards for use in Schools and Nurseries. We have supplied schools across the country, from Cornwall to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland with wire guards for a wide range of application including radiator guards, light guards, window guards, pipe guards,  wire mesh lockers, and bespoke guards.

Some of our more diverse recent projects for schools include radiator guards for Dollis Primary School, Bespoke internal window guards for a special needs’ school in Greenwich, bespoke ceiling-mounted guards for a school sports’ hall in Leyton, and ball guards for St Augustine’s School in Kilburn.

AIANO also stocks a wide range of guards for popular makes of heater as well as many other types of wire mesh guard for health and safety purposes

Radiator guards for a faith school, Hackney

AIANO sloping top heater guards for school remove the risk of students sitting on top of the guards or resting object on top of them

AIANO sloping top radiator guards eliminate the risk of students putting items on top of the guards or sitting on them

AIANO were contacted by a Jewish faith school in Hackney as they were in urgent need of wire mesh radiator guards for their school. The school has about 170 pupils ranging from 3 to 7 years. All the boys are part of an Orthodox Chassidic Jewish community in North London.

AIANO is sensitive to the needs of all customers and we regularly carry out projects for faith schools. According to Government statistics there are around 6,800 faith schools in England out of a total of just over 20,000 schools.

This particular school in East London wanted sloping top heater guards to deter pupils from leaning on and tampering with the heaters, which meant there was a danger of the heaters coming loose from the wall. In addition, the unguarded heaters presented a risk of injury for the pupils, especially during the winter months when they are in everyday use.

Sloping top radiator guards for schools

In some environments, a radiator guard can appear as a tempting seat or shelf on which to place objects – a coat, books, a cup of coffee…. This can be dangerous and can interfere with the safe functioning of the guard. Objects placed on top of the guard can interfere with the heat circulation and cause the guard to get hot.

Sloping top radiator guards for schools prevent students sitting on or placing objects on the guard and are particularly useful in Schools and Libraries, to avoid compromising the function of the guard and prevent damage to books. They provide extra health & safety protection for students.

AIANO invented the original sloping top radiator guards. We specialise in radiators guards for health & safety and have a wide range of different guard designs.

Aiano Site Survey

The environment in which the radiators are installed is relatively complex, with obstructions such as window sills, noticeboards, valves, sockets and doorways to take into account. Also, many of the radiators are installed on wooden back panels. AIANO was asked to carry out a site survey in order to ensure the radiator guards fitted perfectly.

AIANO engineers visited the school to take all of the measurements required. This approach minimises disruption as the measurements are taken in a timely and methodical manner by our experienced engineers.

Aiano Installation

AIANO technicians ensure a high standard of installation and minimuse the disruption to the customer

AIANO technicians ensure that installation are completed in a timely manner and minimise disruption for the customer

After manufacturing the guards, AIANO engineers returned to the school to install them. Our experienced engineers provide a professional service and peace of mind.  This is an option many of our customers take when they feel the job is of significant complexity. Using an AIANO engineer means the installation can be completed in a timely manner. Installations can be arranged at a time that suits the customer to minimise potential disruption.

AIANO manufactures sloping top radiator guards for schools

Aiano’s makes heater guards, light guards, window guards, pipe guards, wire mesh lockers, and offers bespoke guard services.

We keep stock of a wide range of wire guards for schools, including radiator guards, tubular heater guards, fluorescent light guards and floodlight and bulkhead guards for the most popular heaters and light fittings. We also offer a bespoke service making guards for individual requirements or complex spaces.

Many schools and pre-schools have opted for sloping top radiator guards for schools because of the additional health & safety protection they offer.

AIANO site surveys and installation services are available on request, the pricing of which depends upon the location of the site and the complexity of the work involved. Please call Scott or Gokay on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO heater guards.

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