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Wire mesh cock guard


Aiano’s has been providing wire guards for schools for more than 150 years.

Schools, nurseries, pre-schools, and special needs schools around the country protect students and pupils with the help of AIANO wire mesh radiator guards. AIANO guards protect lighting equipment in sports halls, and many other applications.

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AIANO manufactures wire mesh guards for Schools 

Aiano’s makes heater guards, light guards, window guards, pipe guards, wire mesh lockers, and offers bespoke guard services.

We keep stock of a wide range of wire guards for schools, including radiator guards, tubular heater guards, fluorescent light guards and floodlight and bulkhead guards for the most popular heaters and light fittings.. We also offer a bespoke service making guards for individual requirements or complex spaces.

Aiano’s has a long tradition of supplying quality wire guards for health & safety to schools and educational establishments.

We specialise in wire mesh guard manufacture, and have built up formidable expertise and knowledge over more than 150 years of serving school around the country.

Our products include:

  • Radiator guards and heater guards
  • Tubular heater guards
  • Pipe guards
  • Light guards and sensor guards
  • Ball guards
  • Flue guards
  • Window guards – internal and external
  • Projector guards
  • Clock guards
  • Wire mesh lockers

A wide variety of wire guard designs 

Aiano’s has a wide range of product designs and options arising from the expertise we have developed over 150 years of making wire mesh guards for schools. We have wire guards to suit every environment, need and budget.

Our Classic radiator guards are our most popular design, and the result of decades of experience in making radiator guards for schools.

We keep a large stock of Classic guards for most of the most popular heater models, such as the Dimples PLX range and XL/XLS range.

As you can see below, we have a number of other guard designs to meet every requirements.

AIANO Radiator guard product designs


Guard DesignDescription
AIANO ClassicClassic radiator guards with a strong round bar frame are our most popular design.
AIANO VarioWe also offer our Vario design heater guards for large projects where budgets are tight.
AIANO Heavy DutyOur heavy duty guards are designed for the most challenging environments.
AIANO Sloping TopAIANO Sloping Top offers extra health & safety peace of mind.
AIANO TraditionalThese guards are made with 1/2" x 1/2" mesh offering a finger-safe solution, and traditional good looks.
AIANO LSTEnquire about our new range of Low Surface Temperature guards.

How to select a standard radiator guard

If your school has radiators or heaters that have no unusual features (see bespoke below), a standard guard from stock will probably be suitable for you.

But how do you know what guard to select? You can follow these simple steps:

Heater Model – the easiest way to select a guard is if you know the model of the guard. For example, if you have a Dimplex XLS24 storage heater you can either go straight to our Storage Heater Guards page, or enter XLS24 in the search box, and it will bring you to the same page. Here you can quickly identify the correct AIANO model – SH24 – for the XLS24 heater.

Heater Dimensions – You can measure your radiator to identify the correct guard. The way you measure the heater will differ depending whether it is a storage heater or a panel/convector heater.

Clearance – It is important to have some distance between the heater and the guard – we call this clearance. If the guard is too close to the heater, first, there is a risk of the guard itself becoming too hot and, second, vulnerable people can put their fingers through the mesh and touch the heater.

Storage heater and radiator-type guard

AIANO Storage heater guards
AIANO storage heater guards are 4-sided guards that have a top, front and two sides.

They completely enclose the heater and are fixed to the wall, but stand on the floor.

When we calculate guard size we will usually add the following clearance to the heater size to ensure that the guard is finger-safe:

  • width of the heater – add 150mm
  • height from the floor to the top of the heater – add 75mm
  • depth from the wall to the front of the heater– add 75-100mm (75mm is the minimum clearance for a guard to be finger-safe).

Panel & Convector heater-type guards

AIANO panel heater guards
AIANO panel heater-type guards are 5-sided guards that have a top, bottom, front and two sides.

They enclose the heater and are fixed to the wall, but are raised off the ground.

When we calculate guard size we will usually add the following clearance to the heater size to ensure that the guard is finger-safe:

  • width of the heater – add 150mm
  • height of the heater – add 150mm
  • depth from the wall to the front of the heater– add 75-100mm (75mm is the minimum clearance for a guard to be finger-safe).

Bespoke Radiator Guards

If your School has a wet radiator system, or you have a complex installation you may need an AIANO bespoke guard. AIANO understands that Schools have complex environments and standard guards from stock may not always be suitable. You may have a one or more of the following:

  • window sills or notice boards above radiators,
  • vertical and/or horizontal pipes around the radiators.
  • radiators installed on pillars or within alcoves.
  • radiators close to a door, a corner of the room, or a cupboard.

If any of these sound familiar, please give us a call today on T. 020 79871184 or email us at so that we can advise you on the best solution. We will probably ask you to send us some photographs of your heaters.

Aiano’s makes heater guards, tubular heater guards and pipe guards, light guards, sensor guards, wire mesh lockers, and bespoke guards for schools around the country. We also offer a full range of site services. We have a range of standard products, but we also offer a bespoke service and can make guards whatever the shape or configuration of your radiators, heating pipes and tubular heaters.

If you have any questions regarding our wire mesh guards, please contact us for more information and a quote.






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