——– the project manager says:

“You can’t improve on them. They are perfect as they are. “

AIANO makes bespoke wire mesh floodlight guards, and also stocks a wide range of light guards for the most popular fluorescent light and floodlight fittings, as well as many other types of wire mesh guard for health and safety purposes. We are regularly contacted to engineer bespoke solutions for specific situations

AIANO wire mesh guards were fixed to each floodlight

Individual AIANO wire guards were fixed to each floodlight

Aiano’s makes bespoke solutions for pole mounted floodlights at school and sports stadia. Aiano’s manufactured bespoke fitting-mounted wire mesh floodlight guards to protect floodlights at a brand new school in East London. The guards were mounted in a non-invasive way to the existing fixings of the MANITOBA floodlights.

Aiano’s makes guards to fit directly to the floodlight unit for pole-mounted floodlights. Wherever possible we design the guard so that it can be fitted in a non-wire mesh invasive way using the existing floodlight fixings.

When we asked the project manager how we could have improved the guards he answered, “You can’t improve them. They are exactly right.”

The guards are strong and well made from 25 x 25 x 2.64mm (1” x 1” 12swg) steel weld mesh on a 5.35mm (5swg) frame. AIANO floodlight guards are built to last.

The guards are hot dip galvanized after manufacture. Hot dip galvanizing provides the most reliable long-term protection from corrosion after stainless steel.

We can design a bespoke solution for most models and types of floodlights and we have a number of stock solutions for specific floodlights.

Close up of attached guard



Aiano’s keeps a wide range of standard floodlight and bulkhead guards in stock.

  • strong reliable guards
  • hot-dip galvanised rust-resistant
  • Stock & bespoke wall mounted guards
  • Facia mounted guard solutions
  • bespoke service


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