AIANO recently produced quartz heater guards for a local Scout Group based in Laurencekirk in Aberdeenshire. AIANO manufactures a wide range of standard and bespoke radiator guards. Laurencekirk is a small, picturesque town that was made famous for its handloom weaving and manufacture of snuff boxes. The Scout Group helps children and young adults reach their full potential and make a positive impact on their community.

Laurencekirk, Scotland

Picturesque town of Laurencekirk, home to the Laurencekirk Scout Group

Building & refurbishment

Laurencekirk Scout hut in 2008

The exterior of Laurencekirk Scout Hut in 2008, before extensive renovations began to improve the facilities for the Scout Group

The hut which is home to the Scout Group is currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment financed by fundraising activities and donations. The building has hosted the Scouts for over 50 years and was once used for Polish soldiers and German prisoners of war in the Second World War. Before the work began in 2010, the hut was in much need of repair. The large-scale renovations include replacing the roof, electrics, ventilation and heating.


To heat the building, the Scout Group chose to use the Dimplex QXD3000 quartz heater. The advantage of these heaters is that they emit intense, focused rays to heat large spaces cost effectively. Installing the heaters at a height, as recommended, reduces the risk of human contact with the hot quartz lamp.

Interior of Laurencekirk Scout Hut during the renovations

The interior of the Scout hut during the renovations. The ceiling beams would later be used to mount quartz heaters and AIANO wire mesh guards

The objective

The Scout hut provides the space to run a range of fun physical activities so consequently there is a risk of damage to the heaters from flying objects. Therefore the Scout Group required protection for the heaters in the form of a wire mesh guard which would fully enclose the quartz heater whilst allowing optimum heat circulation.

Sourcing AIANO

The Scout Group sourced AIANO online and were able to see the full range of quartz heater guards on the AIANO website. They preferred the sleek, unobtrusive appearance of the black powder coated quartz heater guards which blend in with the colour of the heater. AIANO quartz heater guards are also available in a white powder coated finish.

Standard guards & Dimplex

AIANO bespoke quartz heater guards mounted on ceiling beams

AIANO beam-mounted quartz heater guards on the Dimplex QXD3000. The guards are designed in cooperation with Dimplex.

AIANO QXD3000-AIA guard is designed to suit this specific heater model. The full range of AIANO QXD quartz heater guards are designed and developed in co-operation with Dimplex to ensure all health and safety requirements are met.

Dimplex “recommend that guard is fitted around the heater to ensure contact with the heater is avoided and objects cannot be inserted into the product”.

AIANO has also cooperated with Dimplex on other Dimplex heater guards, including the new-generation QM range of storage heaters.

Bespoke quartz heater guards

We could not provide our standard QXD3000-AIA guard as our usual fixing method of screwing the guard to the wall with lugs was not suitable. Instead, a bespoke fixing bracket was designed that would allow the guard to be securely attached to the beam. AIANO senior design engineers have 70 years combined experience in providing bespoke solutions and because the AIANO business has stayed in the family for all of its 150 plus years in business, the design knowledge and expertise has been transferred from generation to generation.

The result

Close up of AIANO bespoke fixing bracket

Close up of the bespoke fixing brackets designed by AIANO to fix mount the quartz heater guards to the ceiling beams

Protection for the quartz heaters will increase their longevity and provide a safe and comfortable environment for the Scout movement to enjoy for years to come.

Please call Scott or Kate on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO heater guards.

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