Recent press coverage about the perhaps unlikely topic of socket guards prompted us at AIANO to prepare a brief overview on the whys and wherefores of socket guards. AIANO has been manufacturing wire guards for health & safety, with many diverse applications, for more than 150 years.

For some years, members of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) have been campaigning for certain types of plug-in socket guards to be banned as they are deemed unsafe for children to use. This led to the birth of the campaign FatallyFlawed which has tried to get the socket covers banned. According to the campaigners, the plug-in safety socket cover usually takes the form of a dummy 13A plug, but unlike real plugs their design faults allow the possibility of a curious child inserting them into the earth pin only. This has the effect of opening the safety shutters and allowing children access to the live contacts.

By contrast, AIANO wire-mesh socket guards are cages which fit around the socket and do not interfere with the plug socket in any way.

The guards manufactured by AIANO are designed to protect the socket from damage in environments where they are likely to be struck by objects, for example in sports halls, and also to restrict access to the socket in environments where this is of importance such as in schools, nurseries and nursing homes.

AIANO guards do not interfere with the electrics inside the plug socket in any way which is one of the main criticisms of the current socket guards on the market. Since 1947 British sockets have included a shutter in the top pin, which means that to get an electric shock from the socket, a child would have to stick their finger into the top hole and one of the other holes. Guards that interfere with the electrics of the socket are therefore completely unnecessary and actually increase the possibility of injury to a child.

AIANO manufactures a wide range of guards for health & safety protection for many kinds of sensors and electrical devices and appliances. We also stock a full range of wire-mesh guards to suit most requirements and can also manufacture Bespoke guards to order. AIANO currently produce two types of standard socket guards, which are suitable for most standard UK double sockets.

AIANO PIR/SKT Socket guard

PIR/SKT socket guards with cable drop cut-out

AIANO PIR/SKT socket guard with cable drop cut-out

  • – Protects socket from damage.
  • – Guard is open at the bottom to allow for the socket to be easily unplugged.
  • – Ideal for sports halls and environments where sockets may be susceptible to damage.

The AIANO PIR/SKT socket guard is a simple cage than can be screwed to the wall. It sits over the socket preventing access to the wall socket and preventing the accidental removal of plugs. The bottom of the guard has a large aperture which allows access to plug when needed and also allows the cable to fall naturally.


 AIANO FL/Sock Socket guard

FL/Sock socket guards with hinged front and cable drop cut-out

FL/Sock socket guard with hinged front and cable drop cut-out

  • – Protects socket from damage.
  • – Restricts access to socket with lockable hinged front.
  • – Cable drop cut out to allow the wire to hang freely.
  • – Ideal for school, nurseries and care homes where sockets may require restricted access.

The AIANO FL/Sock socket guard works on a similar principle to the PIR/SKT, but it has an access flap on the front of the guard to allow for access to the socket. The access flap can be secured with a small padlock if desired to prevent unauthorized access. Once again, the bottom of the guard has an aperture to allow the cable to fall naturally.

Product information

AIANO socket guards are made in the UK from British and European sourced Steel. Our guards represent high quality manufacturing and excellent value for money. The guards are strong and well made from 25 x 25 x 2.64mm (1” x 1” 12swg) mild steel weld mesh on a 5 gauge (5.38mm) steel rod frame with welded lugs.

If you are thinking of installing an AIANO socket guard please check carefully the size and position of your electric socket to ensure that the guard will fit your socket correctly. If you intend to purchase the AIANO FL/Sock with lockable access flap, please consider carefully whether emergency access to the socket will be required before using a padlock to secure the guard.

Please call Scott or Kate on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO socket guards.

Product Code
To Suit
Dimplex Model
To Suit
Heatstore Model
Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
QXD1500-AIAQXD1500HSQ7115, HSQ7120584 x 406 x 508
QXD3000-AIAQXD3000584 x 533 x 508
QXD4500-AIAQXD4500584 x 660 x 508
CXD2000V-AIACXD2000V584 x 533 x 457
CXD2000H-AIACXD2000H889 x 406 x 406


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