Aiano master crafstman, Ron

You may not have met master craftsman Ron, but it is likely that you have encountered his work. Although retired now, Ron is something of an AIANO legend. Ron was a master craftsman and master wireworker at Aiano’s. Joining the firm as a boy of 15 in 1955, when Aiano’s was still at our original workshop in Poplar High Street, Ron gave for more than fifty years’ service to the firm.

AIANO Master Craftsman

An AIANO Master Craftsman is a wireworker, weaver, welder, or fabricator who has achieved extraordinary levels of skill, someone who takes huge pride in their work and in passing on their skills to the next generation.

Master crafstman Ron teaches diamond mesh weaving

Ron explains how to make window guards from diamond mesh

Ron was particularly skilled at our woven mesh products including church window guards, lift and machinery guards. He learned many skills and was an expert at making various traditional woven meshes including church window guard mesh (4 x ½”), pretty mesh, ½ x ½” mesh, diamond mesh, seamless diamond mesh and so on.

Ron was best known handcrafting church window guards. Over the years Ron has made window guards that are installed all around the country. As a master craftsman, even after his retirement Ron continued to be a presence at Aiano’s with his masterclasses where he taught the traditional skills of wire weaving and lacing to our young wireworkers.

C.Aiano & Sons -150 years of excellence

Aiano’s is the leading maker of wire mesh window guards in the country. To our knowledge, we are the only workshop in the country with the skills to make both welded mesh and woven mesh window guards.We have been making window guards for churches and heritage buildings continuously with pride for more than 150 years.

We do not make stained glass, we focus exclusively on wire mesh products. The production techniques have changed little in this time and our knowledge and expertise has been passed down through generations. We alone keep alive the knowledge of many traditional mesh weaving skills. At the same time, over the years we have embraced new materials and techniques, including the possibilities offered by stainless steel and welded mesh.

We have expertise in measuring, producing and fitting complex-shaped  window guards.A large number of churches and cathedrals around the country protect their treasured stained glass and leaded light windows using Aiano’s custom-made hand-crafted  window guards. For more information about AIANO traditional church window guards do not hesitate to contact us. We make guards to all sizes and requirements, and offer site services. Please call us on 020 7987 1184 or email us at if you would like to discuss your requirements, or require further advice on AIANO guards.

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