The XLE150-AIA wire mesh guard with a control access flap installed on the Dimplex XLE150

AIANO are pleased to present our family of wire mesh radiator guards for the new Lot 20 compliant Dimplex XLE range of storage heaters. As customers have come to expect, the AIANO Dimplex XLE heater guards for the flagship Dimplex radiators combine quality of manufacture with clear health & safety criteria. These are the most recent result of cooperation between AIANO and Dimplex.

– strong reliable guards
– protects heaters from damagestorage
– recommended by Dimplex
– finger-safe clearance around the heater
– optional lockable control-flaps
– made at our London workshop
– made from European and British steel
– thoroughly tested


AIANO guard for the Dimplex XLE 1.5kw storage heater with control flap

AIANO XLE150-AIA with the optional control flap

AIANO Dimplex XLE heater guards key features
The new AIANO Dimplex XLE heater guards incorporate all the important features for which AIANO is known. The radiator covers allow sufficient clearance between the heater and the guard to ensure they are finger-safe and to prevent the mesh getting too hot to the touch. AIANO radiator covers are durable and aesthetically pleasing making them the ideal guard.  All AIANO Dimplex XLE heater guards are manufactured at Aiano’s London workshop using British and European sourced steel.


AIANO and Dimplex

Dimplex is an established world leader, with hundreds of products dedicated to energy efficient heating solutions. AIANO have cooperated with Dimplex on a number of guard designs such as the design of a guard for Dimplex Quartz heaters. The intense heat given off by the quartz heaters created a design challenge for AIANO engineers. The resulting AIANO guards were tested at Dimplex facilities in Southampton.


Dimplex XLE heater range

The Dimplex XLE Slimline storage heaters are a range of Lot 20 compliant storage heaters. The heaters are a modern replacement for their older storage heater models that comply with new EU regulations regarding energy efficiency. The heaters are designed to store energy during cheaper off peak hours and to intelligently adjust their output to release the right amount of energy to heat whatever room they are installed in.


Technical Specification

The guards are made from 25 x 25 x 2.64mm (1” x 1” x 12swg) steel weld mesh on a 5.35 frame. AIANO XLE heater guards are built to the standard customers expect from AIANO products. The guards are powder coated WHITE after manufacture.

Product Code
To Suit
Dimplex Model
Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
XLE050-AIAXLE050737 x 838 x 254
XLE070864 x 838 x 254
XLE100-AIAXLE100965 x 838 x 254
XLE125-AIAXLE1251092 x 838 x 254
XLE150-AIAXLE1501219 x 838 x 254
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