AIANO wire mesh heater guards were installed in Dollis Junior School in North London

AIANO wire mesh heater guards were installed in Dollis Junior School in North London

Aiano supplies wire mesh heater guards for schools throughout the country. Through decades of experience Aiano have built up an unmatched reputation for providing high quality wire mesh guards. Aiano are the only heater guard manufacturer to be recommended by Dimplex and to feature on the Dimplex website.

Note on Lot 20 regulations and legacy heating systems

AIANOpanel heater guard with ‘do not cover’ sign displayed above

AIANO Classic panel heater guard with ‘do not cover’ sign displayed above. AIANO guards should not be covered with clothes or any other items as this may present a fire hazard.

From January 2018 new Lot 20 heating regulations have been introduced that apply to all space heaters. This regulation dictates that all new space heaters must comply with a minimum energy efficient standard, the goal of which is to achieve 20% energy reduction by 2020.

This regulation does not effect existing legacy heating systems, however some schools may find it beneficial to install Lot 20 compliant heaters in place of their existing heaters. Newer Lot 20 compliant models of heater may reduce energy costs in the long term.

Dollis Junior School

One such school is Dollis Junior School. Founded in 1939, Dollis Junior School is a thriving school located in Mill Hill, a suburb of north-west London, surrounded by playing fields. The present building dates back to the 1950s, and is a colourful and well maintained school serving the local multicultural community. The school has around 350 pupils and there is a rich choice of after-school clubs and activities. The school also caters for children with special needs and learning difficulties.

AIANO stocks a wide range of guards for popular makes of heater as well as many other types of wire mesh guards

for health and safety purposes. AIANO also has decades of experience designing bespoke wire guards for particular customer needs and requirements.

The need for wire mesh heater guards

AIANO Classic bespoke storage heater guard in the school art room

AIANO Classic bespoke storage heater guard in the Dollis Junior schools art therapy room. The classroom is used mainly for children with special needs.

Caretaker, Dave Hallet has looked after Dollis Junior School for about twenty years. When the school decided to buy radiator covers, Dave originally enquired about solid metal radiator guards. However, when he discovered that, in this instance, the solid metal guards would interfere with the thermostats on the heaters, he approached AIANO for a quotation for wire mesh radiator guards.

Dollis Junior School needed storage heater guards and convector heater guards to provide health and safety protection in several modular classrooms that are used mainly for children with special needs, including the art therapy room and the music room.

Ease of installation and proper use of wire mesh heater guards

Dave installed the guards himself and said it was very straightforward job. Each heater and guard is clearly marked with a sign reminding pupils not to cover the guards. Radiator guards may appear to be a tempting shelf for books, jumpers and so on, but such items should never be placed on top of guards. They can interfere with the safe functioning of the heater itself, as well as causing the guard to become too warm by obstructing the free circulation of hot air.

AIANO wire mesh heater guards and light guards for schools

You can find other stories on our blog of AIANO bespoke wire guard solutions for schools. Some of our more diverse recent projects for schools and nurseries include radiator guards for Dollis Primary School, Bespoke internal window guards for a special needs’ school in Greenwich, bespoke ceiling-mounted guards for a school sports’ hall in Leyton, and ball guards for St Augustine’s School in Kilburn.wire mesh

Please call Scott or Gokay on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO heater guards.

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