AIANO worked with architectural lighting design specialist Studio Fractal to develop a bespoke fluorescent light guard to meet their requirements for Zumtobel Linaria luminaire fittings at the Rathbone market development. As a result, the Aiano light guard was specified at the project planing stage. It was a couple of years before the project came to fruition, but eventually AIANO was contacted through a national wholesaler to manufacture and supply 20 light guards for the Rathbone market housing development in Canning Town, East London.

Canning town is an area under extensive regeneration and the £160 million development has added 652 homes to the area, as well as a new library, retail space, two public squares and facilities for market traders.

AIANO manufactures and stocks a wide range of products for standard light guards. These fit many requirements, however on occasion our customers require a bespoke solution for their specific project.

Bespoke fluorescent light guards

The project plans required 20no wire mesh fluorescent light guards to be installed in the on-site bicycle storage room. They also required the guards to be zinc plated in a gold passivate to give it a very distinctive appearance. This was to fit in with the bold colours that are a feature of the Rathbone Market development. AIANO is able to source finishes to suit most requirements.

Aiano’s distinctive wire mesh fluorescent light guards with their signature v-ends are strong and attractive. The v-ends mean that the tube can often be replaced without having to remove the guard.

Aiano wire mesh fluorescent light guards in a zinc plated, gold passivate finish for Rathbone Market housing development

Aiano bespoke fluorescent light guards in a zinc plated, gold passivate finish

AIANO is regularly asked to manufacture bespoke light guards for projects. Previously we have been asked to manufacture bespoke fluorescent light guards for the 02 arena in London. 

Technical specification

For this bespoke project the light guards were made with v-ends, from 1″ x 1″ x 12 gauge (25mm x 25mm x 2.64mm) steel weld mesh on a 5 gauge (5.38mm) steel rod frame. Zinc plated after manufacture with a gold passivate finish.

AIANO Classic fluorescent lights guards are strong practical guards. The trademark V-ends on our standard guard mean that the tube can often be replaced without dismantling the guard

If you have special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation. We can make guards to all sizes and requirements. Please call Scott or Gokay on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or require further information or advice on AIANO guards.

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