AIANO has been manufacturing machine guards and bespoke guards and cages, to protect mechanisms and various diverse equipment and moving parts for over 150 years.  We ere recently asked, at short notice to fabricate a heavy duty guard to protect some freezer equipment located in a container at manufacturing company Cygnet Texkimp based near Northwich in Cheshire. Cygnet Texkimp design, manufacture, install and service machines for the global technical fibre and fabric, paper, plastic, foil and film processing markets.

Aiano heavy duty guard to protect freezer equipment

AIANO bespoke heavy-duty freezer guard made from strong steel mesh, round bar and angle bar

The company wanted to commission their new freezer equipment urgently, but first needed too ensure it was adequately protected. The guard was very large – 2.3m wide and 1.6m high. As a result, it had to be made in two pieces to facilitate shipping. The customer also needed a lockable hatch in order to secure and access the controls.

The AIANO guard for Cygnet Texkimp was made from strong steel mesh, round bar and angle bar, and was strengthened with reinforcing bars. The guard was hot dip galvanised after manufacture. Hot dip galvanising offers the best possible protection against corrosion.

AIANO bespoke services

Aiano’s offers a bespoke service, manufacturing guards for factories, warehouses and industrial units to protect machinery and heavy eqipment.  Our expertise helps us find the best solution to ensure health and safety protection in complex environments are often entirely non-standard and buildings that  have particular constraints. For the foood processing industry, and other sterile environments, we manufacture guards using food-grade stainless steel.

If you have special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation. We can make guards to all sizes and requirements. Please call Scott or Gokay on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO guards.

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