The QM150-AIA wire mesh guard installed on the Dimplex QM150

AIANO has updated its range of wire mesh guards for Dimplex Quantum electric heaters, developed in partnership with Dimplex. AIANO also manufactures a wide range of wire mesh guards for light fittings, panel, storage and tubular heater guards, socket and sensor guards and also bespoke products.

AIANO guard for the Dimplex Quantum 0.7kw heater with control flap

AIANO QM070-AIA with the optional control flap

  • strong reliable radiator guards
  • protects heaters from damage
  • recommended by Dimplex
  • finger-safe clearance around the heater
  • optional lockable control-flaps
  • made at our London workshop
  • made from European and British steel
  • developed in cooperation with Dimplex

The Dimplex Quantum electric heaters

The Quantum range of electric heaters makes use of modern technology to reduce energy bills

The Dimplex QM100 electric heater

Dimplex has made use of new technology to design the Quantum range of electric heater, which stores low cost, off peak energy for use during peak time. The Quantum electric heater is LOT20 compliant which means that it meets energy efficiency targets set by the EU.

The quantum range of heaters not only provide economical benefits, but can also adapt to and match the climatic conditions of the environment they are in, ensuring that target temperatures are reached and maintained.

For more information about the Quantum range of electric radiators, please visit the Dimplex website.

AIANO wire mesh guards for Dimplex Quantum

AIANO wire mesh guards for Dimplex Quantum are the result of decades of experience in manufacturing, coupled with Aiano’s constant drive and effort to keep our manufacturing processes at the front of innovation.

The AIANO wire mesh heater guard is the most convenient safety solution that is suitable for most environments; from schools and nurseries to more challenging environments such as stations, car parks and sports halls.

Product options

AIANO wire mesh guards can be fitted with optional lockable control flaps to provide easy access to the heater controls

AIANO wire mesh guards can be fitted with optional lockable control flaps to provide easy access to the heater controls

Aianos offers a number of production options:

  • Lockable control flaps – The safest way of ensuring access to the heater controls. When not in use they can be secured shut with a small padlock.
  • Sloping top – A sloping top to a heater guard will ensure people avoid the temptation of putting items on top of the guard, a cup of coffee, library books, and so on, with the associated risks.
  • Skirting cut-outs – if the guard is going to be located in a room with skirtings, Aiano can provide skirting cut-outs in the required size.

Technical specification of AIANO guards

AIANO wire mesh heater guards are made in our London workshop from 25mm x 25mm x 2.64mm (1” x 1” 12swg) copper washed mild steel weld mesh on a 5.35mm (5swg) frame with 4 welded lugs (6mm countersunk hole) for fixing to the wall. Our steel is sourced from Europe and the UK. AIANO Classic heater guards are coated in a white epoxy-polyester coating.

AIANO heater guards for Dimplex Quantum – product table

ModelShort descriptionAiano guard size (inches)Aiano guard size (mm)Suits Dimplex models
QM050-AIAWire guard for 0.50kW electric storage heater29 x 32 x 10737 x 813 x 254QM050
QM070-AIAWire guard for 0.70kW electric storage heater34 x 32 x 10864 x 813 x 254QM070
QM100-AIAWire guard for 1.0kW electric storage heater40 x 32 x 101016 x 813 x 254QM100
QM150-AIAWire guard for 1.25/1.5kW electric storage heater48 x 32 x 101219 x 813 x 254QM125/QM150

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