Introducing the new Lot 20 regulations relating to space heating appliances

Introducing the new Lot 20 regulations relating to space heating appliances

AIANO constantly strives to ensure our product range keeps up with the changes in the space heating market. One such change that has already had a significant effect on the industry is the imminent introduction of Lot 20 regulations.

What is Lot 20?

The EU is committed to achieving 20% energy efficiency saving as part of its Energy Efficiency Directive. Lot 20 of this directive introduces a number of energy efficiency measures that the space heating industry must comply with by January 2018. These measures are key to improving environmental sustainability as half of the energy consumed in our homes is by use of space heating appliances.

How will this effect the consumer?

This new legislation will cause minimal disruption to the consumer. Many companies such as Dimplex already manufacture a number of products that comply with the legislation. What it may mean is that some of the older models are taken out of production or amended to meet the new standards. Lot 20 will not significantly increase costs for the consumer, and in the long run will save the consumer money through new technology designed to increase energy efficiency.

The Dimplex Q-Rad range

AIANO wire mesh guard for the Dimplex QRAD200 heater electric radiator

AIANO wire mesh guard for the Dimplex QRAD200 electric radiator

One product which meets the Lot 20 regulations is the Dimplex Q-Rad range. The Dimplex Q-Rad is dubbed the ‘the electric radiator with a brain’. It is able to ensure that a preferred temperature is reached by a set time, and also knows when to turn off to ensure that the temperature is maintained. In this way the heaters are able to keep you warm for the lowest possible cost.

The Dimplex Quantum range

The Dimplex Quantum heater stores off peak, low cost energy for use during peak times. In this way it can significantly reduce the customers electricity bills. It also automatically adjusts it’s output to ensure it reaches and maintains target temperature.

AIANO and Dimplex

AIANO has worked in collaboration with Dimplex to design guards for their entire product range including the Q-Rad and Quantum range. AIANO has cooperated with Dimplex on a number of our wire mesh guard designs such as  the design of a guard for Dimplex Quartz heaters. We stock a wide range of guards to suit Dimplex heaters, as well as other heating manufacturers.

Lot 20 regulations and AIANO radiator guards

Lot 20 will bring about changes within the space heating industry, however these changes will not effect AIANO products. AIANO wire mesh radiator guards will still be required for the vast installed base of existing heater models that predate the new regulations, while for the compliant heater models, Aiano’s has developed new product lines, such as the Quantum and QRAD guards described above.


Climate change is something that we are increasingly having to contend with in the modern age. Collective action is the only effective way to combat climate change in any meaningful way. A drive towards increased energy efficiency can only be a positive thing which is why it is a good thing that the EU is taking the lead on this issue.

For many AIANO customers the new measures will have little to no effect, however some may see the new legislation as an opportunity to upgrade their space heating systems. Whilst there will be need for an initial investment, in the long run the increased energy efficiency will significantly reduce utility bills which can be expensive when heating large spaces.

If you have special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation. We can make guards to all sizes and requirements. Please call Scott or Gokay on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO guards.

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