Aiano's made Internal window guards for St PAul's Old School, Cheltenham

Aiano’s was invited by the vicar of St Paul’s Church in Cheltenham to provide internal window guards for the church hall, known as St Paul’s Old School. The school was closed in 1980, and the building has been refurbished as a facility for the church and the local community. It is used for community activities, youth work, sports, as well as hall and room hire. Aiano’s manufactures both internal and external window guards and security grilles to a wide range of specifications and requirements.

Internal window guards to protect windows in a sports’ hall

Aiano internal window guards with hinged opening for easy cleaning

AIANO Internal window guards in a church community hall used for sports

The main hall is being used for sports and, for this reason, the vicar needed to organise internal window guards to protect the windows from being broken. The main hall has eight large windows, each more than 2 ½ meters tall and 1 ½ meters wide, that run along two walls, filling the room with light, but also representing a health and safety risk. As well as needing to protect the glass, Reverend Roger Widdecombe wanted to be able to open the guards for the windows to be cleaned.

Designing the right solution

The challenge for Aiano’s design team was to engineer a window guard that would be strong, yet light; a guard solid enough to protect the glass from footballs, yet sufficiently unobtrusive so as not to block the light or change the atmosphere of the hall. Similarly, the hinges and locking mechanism had to be strong, but easy to operate.

Reverend Widdecombe was able to take all the window measurements himself and provided detailed photographs. We collaborated very closely with the church, adjusting dimensions and fine-tuning the design, until AIANO engineers developed a final design that best satisfied the requirements of the church. The window guards were powder coated while in order to blend with the window frames, both inside and outside the building.

Aiano full service – design, manufacture, install

Aiano engineer installs hinged window guards

AIANO engineer installs internal window guards at St Paul’s

Once all the details had been agreed, Aiano’s put the guards into production. Aiano wire guards are indiviudally crafted by our expert welders and fabricators at our workshop in East London. After the guards were made, Aiano engineers Steve and Adrian travelled to Cheltenham to install the window guards.

AIANO are the window guard experts. We handcraft hand-woven mesh for window guards to protect precious stained glass and leaded light window, and we also make security grilles and window guards for a range of applications.

St Paul’s Church and School

St Paul’s Church was founded in 1831 and was built the first free church in the regency town of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Revd. Francis Close, the vicar of the time, was concerned that the rich of the town were coming to his church and yet their servants had nowhere to go, and so set about building a free church for the poor, where you didn’t have to pay to worship God.

The church was designed by John Forbes, an architect active in Cheltenham in the early nineteenth century. Forbes designed a number of local buildings, including the Pittville Pump Room. The St. Paul’s School was opened in 1848 by the vicar of St. Paul’s, Henry Bromby and Francis Close, the Rector of Cheltenham. The two clergymen saw the need for education in the community and raised the money for the school by local subscription.

Aiano’s Services for Churches

Aiano’s offers a full range of wire guard services for churches, including church window guards, security grilles, radiator guards, pipe guards, floodlight guards. We have a range of standard products, but we also offer a bespoke service and can make guards whatever the shape or configuration of your heating pipes and tubular heaters. In addition we can coat the guards brown or black, or any other colour in order to better blend with the church interior and be less conspicuous. Contact us today for more information or a quotation.

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