Aiano bespoke floodlight guards for St Alban's Cathedral made of stainless steel

Aiano designed and fabricated bespoke floodlight guards for St Alban’s Cathedral

St. Alban’s Cathedral is the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in Britain. It was built over the place where St. Alban, Britain’s first saint, was buried over 1700 years ago. The cathedral invested in some expensive lighting equipment to help illuminate the beautiful west front and Aiano was invited to make bespoke floodlight guards to protect this equipment.  Aiano also keeps a wide range of standard light guards in stock for the most popular kinds of light fitting.

Aiano designed hinged guards that open for easy maintenance

Aiano bespoke floodlight guards for St. Alban’s Cathedral made of stainless steel

St Alban’s Cathedral has two floodlight assemblies that illuminate the magnificent west front of the cathedral. Each is set in a concrete bay that houses a Unistrut with 4 LED floodlights.

These floodlights are vulnerable to theft as well as damage, and AIANO was approached to provide bespoke light guards made from stainless steel to protect the lights.

The bespoke floodlight guards were quite unusual shape, forming a triangular front and shallow rectangular top to the concrete bay. To add to the complexity, the guards were not symmetrical, because the concrete bays were not symmetrical. In a way not too dissimilar to our church window guards, an Aiano engineer took a template from both of the two bays in order to make the guard with the perfect angle and shape. In addition, the guards were hinged to facilitate easy access to the floodlights for routine maintenance. Aiano offers a wide range of bespoke solutions for light guards  for both indoors and outdoors.

AIANO bespoke floodlight guard services

Aiano’s offers a bespoke service, manufacturing guards for churches to meet their specific needs. Our expertise helps us find the best solution to ensure health and safety protection in environments where the pipes and radiators are often entirely non-standard and buildings have particular constraints.

If you have special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation. We can make guards to all sizes and requirements. Please call Scott or Gokay on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO guards.

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