AIANO has recently new products to its range of sloping top heater guards

AIANO has added to its range of sloping top heater guards, including this PH750-ST for the Dimplex PLX750 and PLX1000,

Enhanced health and safety protection from AIANO sloping top heater guards

AIANO is delighted to announce a new range of standard sloping top heater guards for the most popular Dimplex heaters. AIANO, the inventor of the sloping top heater guards, has been making heater guards with sloping tops for many years as a bespoke service for customers.

Due to popular demand, AIANO has now introduced a range of standardised sloping top heater guard products for the most popular types of storage heaters, panel heaters and convector heaters on the market. AIANO sloping top heater guards have many applications. See for example how AIANO sloping top heater guards helped Coldharbour Library in Greenwich. AIANO sloping top heater guards were also the right solution for East Barnet Scouts.

Please see the table below to check for which models of Dimplex heaters the guards are available. They are also suitable for other heater manufacturers’ models that are the same size as the Dimplex models, including Creda, Sunhouse, Newlec, Heatstore and more.

  • strong reliable guards
  • health & safety protection
  • made in Britain
  • bespoke service available
  • made from British & European steel

AIANO is the only radiator guard manufacturer to be recommended by Dimplex and to feature on the Dimplex website. AIANO has a wide range of standard and bespoke radiator guards.

And of course, we make guards to all sizes and requirements. If you cannot find the right guard for you in the table below please telephone us on T. 020 7987 1184 or email your requirements to us at and we will send you a quotation.

Why choose an AIANO sloping top heater guard? 

AIANO is the inventor of sloping top heater guards and has been making sloping top heater guards for many years

AIANO SH12-ST sloping top heater guard designed to fit the Dimplex XL12 and XLS12 storage heaters.

Heaters and guards can be a tempting target for people and children to sit on, or a convenient shelf for a book or a coat, or that cup of coffee.

This can impede the effectiveness of the heater, as well as representing a health and safety hazard.

An AIANO sloping top heater guard prevents objects or people from resting on top of the guard or surface providing extra health & safety protection.


Product CodeDescriptionGuard Size (mm) L x W x D
SH6Guard to fit 0.85kW mini storage heater

483 x 787 x 254
SH12 STGuard to fit 1.7kW slimline storage heater711 x 762/889 x 254
SH18 STGuard to fit 2.55kW slimline storage heater940 x 762/889 x 254
SH24 STGuard to fit 3.4kW slimline storage heater1168 x 762/889 x 254
PH500 STGuard to fit 0.5kW panel heater610 x 559/686 x 178
PH750 STGuard to fit to suit 0.75kW panel heater762 x 559/686 x 178
PH1000 STGuard to fit 1.25kW and 1.5kW panel heater838 x 559/686 x 178
PH2000 STGuard to fit 2.0kW panel heater
1016 x 559/686 x 178
PH3000 STGuard to fit 3.0kW panel heater1016 x 559/686 x 229

Guard to fit 0.50 kw electric storage heater737 x 787/914 x 254
QM070-AIA STGuard to fit 0.70 kw electric storage heater864 x 787/914 x 254
QM100-AIA STGuard to fit 1.0kw electric storage heater
1016 x 787/914 x 254
QM150-AIA STGuard to fit 1.25 & 1.5kw electric storage heater
1219 x 787/914 x 254
Guard to fit 2.0kW wall-mounted convector heater737 x 483/610 x 178
CH300WM STGuard to fit 3.0kW wall-mounted convector heater864 x 483/610 x 178
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