AIANO has designed, manufactured and installed bespoke radiator guards and pipe guards

AIANO has designed, manufactured and installed bespoke radiator guards and pipe guards for Kingston Community School.

The first free schools opened in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in 2015 for the start of the new academic year. Kingston Community School began life in a former NHS medical centre which was extensively refurbished. AIANO was invited to conduct a site survey to measure, manufacture and install bespoke radiator guards and pipe guards for the school.

AIANO competed to design, manufacture and install over 30 bespoke radiator guards and 50 bespoke pipe guards for the new school. AIANO provides safety guard products and services for schools all around the country. For Kingston Community School, AIANO delivered the project, at short notice, in good time for the opening of the new school in September.

Legacy heating systems

When AIANO conducted the site survey, this was the condition of the classrooms, several weeks before the school was due to open.

The condition of the classrooms at the time of the AIANO site survey, several weeks before the school was due to open.

Many schools have an installed legacy central heating system. Sometimes these are relatively modern radiators, and sometimes there are old cast iron radiators as, for example, at Hannover School. All such heating systems have several levels of complication when it comes to wire mesh safety guards

In the first place, the radiators come in a variety of sizes; they are installed in different positions with plenty of ‘obstacles’ around. Second, they may be standing under window sills, shelves or noticeboards. They may be in alcoves, the corner of the room, or just inside the door. And of course they all have heating pipes that run around the room at different heights and angles, valves that need to accessed and skirting boards.  All these things and more need to be taken into consideration when designing the bespoke radiator guards.

Designed by AIANO – the site survey

Site survey IMG_3545 (300 x 225)

AIANO engineer takes the dimensions of a valve for radiator no. 32 in classroom D.

For smaller projects, AIANO can usually work from photographs and detailed measurement provided by the customer to devise a guard design. For larger projects such as Kingston Community School, an AIANO site survey is essential.

AIANO carries out a detailed site survey taking precise measurements and photographs of every radiator and every stretch of heating pipework. Every guard for the project was individually designed taking into account every detail. Every radiator, length of pipe, angle of pipe, all had to be analysed, measured, photographed.

At the end of the AIANO site survey a design was produced for each individual radiator and pipe guard. For more standardised types of radiator, in particular, storage heaters, panel and convector heaters, AIANO keeps stock of a wide range of guards with and without control access flaps.

Built by AIANO – production of bespoke radiator guards and pipe guards

AIANO engineering installing bespoke radiator guards

AIANO engineer installs a radiator guard

Once the customer has approved the design and cost, AIANO puts the guards into production. Some of the bespoke radiator guards and many of the pipe guards were made in more than one guard section. Everything had to fit together perfectly on site. Quality control and attention to detail are all important.

AIANO has been manufacturing radiator and pipe guards for health and safety for as long as there have been radiators. Our depth of knowledge and expertise is second to none. We have the largest range of different radiator guard designs on the market to accommodate every requirement, situation and budget. We know from long experience that one size or style does not fit all.

AIANO builds guards with sloping tops, heavy duty guards, light duty guards, curved edge guards, low-surface temperature guards, traditional small-mesh guards and many more, for every possible requirement.

Every AIANO product is manufactured from British or EU steel at our workshop in East London.

Installed by AIANO

AIANO installed bespoke radiator guards

AIANO installed radiator guard along with pipe guards

AIANO engineers are experienced experts in the installation of complex wire guard configurations. You need a precise system to match the radiator guards to the correct radiator and then fitting together bespoke radiator guards and pipe guard sections to provide comprehensive health and safety protection in each classroom, corridor and bathroom.

At Kingston Community School, AIANO engineers first fitted the first floor guards and then the ground floor guards. It is typical that adjustments need to be made on site – perhaps some aspects of the building have been altered since the AIANO site survey, for example. AIANO engineers have the expertise to be able to find solutions on site, or, if required we can bring guards back to our workshop to be adjusted.

AIANO provides all kinds of wire guards for many different health & safety applications for schools. While on site to install radiator and pipe guards for Kingston Community School, AIANO also installed a galvanised flue guard. The end to end service to design, build and installation from AIANO offers peace of mind.

The end to end service to design, build and install from AIANO offers peace of mind. Contact us today on T.020 7987 1184 or by email to if you would like to know more about AIANO site survey or AIANO installation service, or any other aspect of this article.

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