Aiano has been making church window guards for over 155 years and has vast experience in different methods of fixing.

AIANO have been making church window guards for over 150 years

AIANO have been making church window guards for over 155 years


AIANO preferred fixing method – invisible fixing

Church window guard with stainless steel tying wire

Church window guard with stainless steel tying wire

The method used to fix the finished window guard to church or historic building is of paramount importance. The fixings are an important aspect of the design of the overall guard. Wherever possible, AIANO uses its traditional method of fixing which requires the use of stainless steel screws, rawl plugs and stainless steel tying wire.  We refer to this as the invisible fixing method, because after installations the fixings are almost invisible. The benefits are that:

  • They do not draw the eye and therefore assist in making the guard as unobtrusive as possible.
  • By being hard to spot they are less of a target for tampering or abuse.
  • This is the least invasive method of fixing, and, as practised by experienced AIANO engineers, has the particular advantage of being virtually invisible from the front of the guard.

Guard design and fixings – reconciling aesthetics and individual building requirements

During the first site visit when AIANO takes detailed measurements, templates and photographs of the windows to be guarded, Aiano engineers assess the condition of the stonework and the design of the guard can be adjusted if necessary.

4. church window template

Templates created by AIANO engineers

English Heritage recommends that window guards be made to fit the individual lights and traceries of a church. This ensures that precious stonework is not obscured by the guards. Window guards made in this way are stronger, more tamper-resistant and less conspicuous.

However sometimes it is not possible to make individual window guard pieces to fit inside each window reveal. In some cases, it is necessary to craft a large guard that fits over the top of window and is secured into the surrounding stone or brickwork.

St Clement’s Church, Leigh on Sea

St Clements IMG_3017 close-up

Close up of the church window guard

In the case of St Clement’s church, AIANO used its preferred methods of invisible fixings. The stainless steel screw and rawl plug are inserted behind the guard which is tied in place with the stainless steel tying wire.

This is a highly skilled method of fixing that takes years of practice to perfect. Once the guard is secured with the tying wire, the fit can be tighter or looser as required. When tightened, the compactness of the fixing makes it highly tamper resistant.

St Peter in the Forest, Walthamstow

In the case of the church of St Peter in the Forest, the window reveals were badly eroded, and in some places non-existent, making it impossible to fix the guards inside the reveal. The church also wanted the new guards to match its existing guards, which covered the whole window.

St Peters close up (resize)

Close up of the church window guard

The church experienced a serious problem with vandalism and a concern that the guards which could be reached from the ground, may be vulnerable to tugging off the wall. In this case, we issued stainless lugs fabricated in our workshop.

The lugs were welded behind the guard to make them less noticeable and less accessible. After installation the stainless steel screws were touched up with black paint to ensure the most unobtrusive finish.



Aiano window guards are widely regarded as the best on the market. Aiano has unparalleled expertise developed over more than 150 years in designing, making and fitting window guards for churches and historic buildings.

AIANO make window guards from both traditional hand woven mesh and modern weld mesh.

AIANO engineers installing church window guards

AIANO engineers installing church window guards

We make guards from mild steel which are then galvanised or from stainless steel, according to customer requirements.

We employ highly skilled and experienced craftsmen – welders and wire workers – and we have particular expertise in designing guards to suit complex windows and situations, for example large windows with many traceries.

AIANO are particularly well known for our traditional hand woven mesh window guards. To our knowledge we are the only company in the country making window guards using these traditional methods. Churches and historic buildings have widely varying window designs and shapes and our window guards are custom made for each individual window. We produce separate guards for each window light and tracery.

When we fit the guards ourselves, we use our own method of invisible fixings that cannot be seen except on close examination.

We use only non-ferrous fixings to ensure that beautiful stonework will not become marred and discoloured in future years.

We use only high quality European stainless and mild steel.

The window guards are usually polyester coated black after manufacture, according to the customer’s requirements, and when coated the guards are barely discernible.

We pay attention to detail at every stage in the process, taking accurate templates to ensure a perfect fit and adjusting the design of each guard to suit the particular requirements of its environment and situation.

Please call Scott or Elliott on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO heater guards.


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