Mike Piper of Fir Trees Nursery writes:

‘Outstanding service from the team at Aianos.  At short notice, they pulled out all the stops to manufacture, powder coat and deliver six bespoke storage heater guards in time for our nursery re-opening – all bespoke, with different cut-outs for skirting and cable conduit.  A great product, at a good price, with first class customer care’.

AIANO manufactured and supplied bespoke storage heater guards with cut-outs to Fir Trees Nursery School.

The splendid Fir Trees Nursery in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Fir Trees Nursery

AIANO SH24 to suit Dimplex XLS24 storage heater at Fir Trees Nursery. AIANO also provided bespoke storage heater guards .

AIANO SH24 to suit Dimplex XLS24 storage heater at Fir Trees Nursery

Fir Trees Nursery is a small family-owned nursery located between Tickton and Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The nursery takes children from 2 to 5 years old. The present owners took over the nursery in 2013 and Mike and Alison are “very proud of the progress we’ve since achieved, both in terms of the nursery’s growing reputation and popularity and also significant improvements to the building – both inside and out.”

Mike approached AIANO because they needed radiator guards for the storage heaters at the nursery, to protect curious small fingers and hands from touching the heaters in the winter months.

Fir Trees Nursery has standard Dimplex storage heaters, the classic XLS24 3.4kW radiator and XLS12 1.7kw radiators. However, the guards had to be designed with various cut-outs to be able to fit around a multiplicity of obstacles including skirting cut-outs, cable conduits, wooden panelling and so on.

Standard vs bespoke storage heater guards

Some radiator guards are straightforward. Some are not. For many schools and nurseries AIANO standard off-the-shelf radiator covers are the perfect solution.

Close up of cut-out for cable conduit on bespoke storage heater guards

Close up of cut-out for cable conduit on these AIANO bespoke storage heater guards

AIANO manufactures and stocks a wide range of standard radiator guards for the most popular heaters on the market. In particular, AIANO stocks wire guards for all Dimplex heaters including storage heaters such as the XLS and Quantum ranges, panel heaters including the PLX and QRAD ranges, and convector heaters including the Contrast range of DXC heaters. We also makes guards for other makes of heater available in the UK including Consort Claudgen. Elnur, Farho, Rointe, Stelrad, Stiebel Eltron and many more. Some of the many heater makes and models we guard are listed on our website.

Some schools and nurseries have what we call wet radiators, or central heating systems, with a mixed legacy of radiator types and sizes. In these circumstances AIANO offers a bespoke service for making wire mesh guards to individual sizes and requirements. We can also provide site services on request to take measurements of the heaters and install the hea.

AIANO bespoke storage heater guards with pipe cut-outs at Fir Trees Nursery

AIANO bespoke storage heater guards with pipe cut-out at Fir Trees Nursery

However, there are many schools and nurseries whose requirements are between the two situations described above. They have standard radiators, such as Dimplex storage heaters, but various obstructions such as pipes, cable conduits, door frames, window sills, shelves, dado rails, and so on, mean that a completely standard radiator guard will not fit into the space without modification. Fir Trees Nursery was one such nursery.

Removable fixings

The guards also needed to be easily removable to make it possible to clean the area around the heater. AIANO offers several options for making the guards easily removable. It is important to weigh the slightly opposing benefits of, on the one hand being able to remove the guards easily for cleaning, and on the other hand, ensuring the guards are secure for health & safety reasons. Please feel free to contact AIANO for advice if this is a concern for your school or nursery. In this instance, Mike had his own ingenuous solution for ensuring that the guards can be removed but in such a way that is not possible for small children to manage.

AIANO bespoke storage heater guards with cut-outs at Fir Trees Nursery

AIANO bespoke storage heater guards with cut-outs to fit around wood panelling at Fir Trees Nursery

Site Survey

With some input and guidance from AIANO, Mike was able to carry out his own site survey and provide AIANO with detailed information on size and position of the cut-outs required and photographs of the radiators. From Mike’s information, AIANO was then able to manufacture the guards to the exact requirements of the nursery.

In the photos included in this article you can see examples of some of the different types of obstruction that need to be negotiated when designing radiator guards.

With guidance from AIANO, many schools are able to carry out their own site surveys without difficulty. AIANO is happy to arrange a site survey for those schools and nurseries that are less sure of how to measure up the guards, particularly where there are pipes and other obstructions. We also offer a guard installation service. For more information about AIANO site services see our articles about Frieth Pre-School, or Hanover Primary School.

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