AIANO manufactured bespoke radiator guards for Frieth Village Hall in the Village of Frieth

AIANO designed and manufactured bespoke radiator guards for Frieth Village Hall in the Village of Frieth

AIANO was contacted by Frieth Pre-school in Buckinghamshire to conduct an initial site survey and then manufacture and install bespoke radiator guards. Frieth Pre-School is a recently opened nursery based in the village of Frieth, between Marlow, Henley on Thames and High Wycombe, on the border of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

The Pre-School is based in the Village Hall, which together with Frieth School and St John’s Church border the village green in Frieth. The church and school were both built in the mid-nineteenth century. The village hall was built in the last few years of the nineteenth century after a local furniture firm donated a plot of land for a village institute.

The hall was finally handed over to the village with a deed of trust in February 1899. In 2000 the Village Hall Committee successfully applied for Lottery Fund finance to radically modernise and improve the facilities of the Hall.

AIANO Site Survey

AIANO carried out a site survey and designed bespoke radiator guards for Frieth Pre-School

Last stage of installation process of Classic bespoke storage heater guards, designed built by AIANO

When it was decided to use the Village Hall as a nursery for the local community, it was clear that safety guards would need to be installed around the heaters in the Hall to help make the hall a safe environment for children. Aiano makes safety guards for wide variety of different radiator and heater fittings.

Aiano carried out an initial site survey in order to design the correct size and shape bespoke radiator guards. Although many of the heaters were familiar Dimplex storage heaters, their installation was far from straight forward. There were cable conduits, skirting boards, cable cut-outs, coat-peg rails, all needed to be taken into account.

One of the bespoke radiator guards AIANO manufactured for Frieth Pre-School and village hall.

One of the bespoke radiator guards made for Frieth Pre-School showing some of the special cut-outs needed.

In addition to the specific features of the site, the Pre-School needed to comply with the wishes of the Village Hall Committee that the bespoke radiator guards should be installed off the floor so that it would continue to be easy to clean underneath the heaters. For storage heaters, AIANO usually makes floor standing guards for stability and strength, although we do offer a guard option for bespoke radiator guards with welded feet to help facilitate cleaning. AIANO also offers full range of product designs and bespoke services.

AIANO Bespoke radiator guards and services

AIANO bespoke radiator guards services are second to none. With more than 150 years’s experience of manufacturing wire guards, we can design a guard for most applications and installation. For more examples of our bespoke services see our articles on Bespoke Ball Guards for St Augustine’s CofE School or AIANO bespoke flue guards for Porthmeir Artists’ Studios.

AIANO Installation Service

AIANO also installed the bespoke radiator guards.

AIANO installation service brings eace of mind – a professional finish to the job

When AIANO engineers arrived at Frieth to install the guards, they made a perfect fit. AIANO provided an end to end service – measuring and designing the guards, manufacture and installation. AIANO’s installation service offers peace of mind, particularly for more complex installation where the specific features of the heater and environment make for a complex guard shape and a complex installation process.

AIANO engineers are expert at all kinds of guard installation – old fashioned radiators and central heating systems as well as storage heaters and panel/convector heaters.

AIANO senior engineer Steve installing one of the bespoke radiator guards.

AIANO senior engineer Steve preparing to install the guard for this DImplex XL6 storage heater.

For another example of our end to end manufacture and fit to order service see our article about AIANO bespoke guards for Hanover Primary School.

AIANO and Schools

AIANO has a wide range of product designs and options arising from the expertise we have developed over 150 years of making wire mesh guards for schools.

Aiano bespoke radiator guards fit in every environment

The finished guard fits perfectly around the dado rail at the top and the skirting board at the bottom of the heater.

Radiator guards, window guards, guards for aircon units, fluorescent light guards for school sports hall, our guards are installed in schools throughout the land from Cornwall to the Scottish Isles.

That is why our guards are recommended by DIMPLEX the largest manufacturer of heating solutions in the UK.

Radiators are sometimes installed in confined spaces, have obstructions or pipes. Perhaps they need to be removable, or lockable, or both. They may need a sloping top to stop pupils putting precious books or cups of coffee on top of the guards. Whatever the requirement AIANO will advise and find a solution.

Aiano manufactures bespoke radiator guards to suit all special needs.

is the oldest manufacturer of wire products in our industry and radiator covers are a major part of our business. We have been making wire guards for health & safety for more than 150 years.  We have been making radiator guards, storage heater guards, panel heater guards and tubular heater guards for as long as there have been storage heaters, panel heaters, etc.

Front window of first Aiano workshop located in London where bespoke radiator guards were made.

Aiano’s as it used to be on Poplar High Street with its distinctive bird cages in the window.

Our senior design engineers have more than 70 years combined experience, and because the Aiano business has stayed in the family for all of its 150 plus years in business, the design knowledge and expertise has been transferred from generation to generation.

The guards we make are for health, safety and protection and a significant part of Aiano business is for schools, churches and hospitals, where children, elderly and the vulnerable should feel safe and protected. We always design new products with this in mind.

Aiano is an industry expert and authority, and very often Aiano is recommended in bid documents, in specifications and requirements by architects, construction companies or users because of our reputation for high quality, reliability, credibility and fast delivery.  Usually we develop new designs and establish new trends and other companies follow.

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