This year GDC group launched its new range of Dimplex and Creda tubular heaters with thermostat, and the company asked AIANO to develop new tubular heater guards to provide health & safety protection. AIANO has cooperated with GDC Group, more usually known as Dimplex, to develop wire mesh safety guards for Dimplex and Creda products and guards for Dimplex quartzray heaters and guards for the new-generation Quantum storage heaters.

New guards for new tube heaters

The new family of tubular heaters with thermostats, launched by Dimplex this year requires a completely new wire guard. No existing tubular heater guard on the market is the right size to cover the new Dimplex tubular heaters. The addition of the thermostat makes the new tubular heater longer in size than its predecessors without the thermostat.

AIANO was given exclusive access to the new heaters by Dimplex, in order to develop a new range of tubular heater guards. The new STG range of tubular heaters will replace the earlier ST range that was designed by AIANO for Redring Suntube heater.

AIANO STG31 3ft single guard was the designed especially for the new Dimplex ECOT3FT with thermostat

AIANO STG31 3ft single guard was designed especially for the new Dimplex ECOT3FT with thermostat

Core strengths of AIANO tubular heater guards

AIANO is the tubular heater guard expert. We have been manufacturing wire mesh tubular heater guards for decades and no one has been able to improve on our classic design. For a full discussion of the strengths of AIANO tubular heater guards please see our article ‘Tubular Heater Guards – why choose AIANO’. Some key benefits include:

Optimum heat circulation—the open wire mesh construction of the AIANO tubular guard allows the heat from the Dimplex tubular heater to circulate freely while the guard itself stays at a safe temperature to the tgenouch.

Modular installation—the AIANO tubular guard can be installed end to end in a modular linear configuration without compromising heat circulation.

A perfect fit—the AIANO guard follows the contours of the heater and matches the exact length of each Dimplex tubular heater to provide an attractive and safe solution.

Compactness of design—the ‘minimal’ look and light feel of the guard belies its strength and durability. The AIANO guard takes up minimum necessary wall-space and does not demand attention.

Flexible installation—the AIANO tubular heater guards are supplied with separate moveable p-clips. The clips can be placed anywhere on the frame for ease of installation in confined or awkward spaces.  The clips can be fixed outside the frame (for ease and quickness), or, as in the photo above, inside the frame for an ‘invisible’ more attractive look.

AIANO STG family of tubular heater guards fit the new Dimplex tubular heaters with thermostat ‘like a glove’.

AIANO STG family of tubular heater guards fit the new Dimplex tubular heaters with thermostat ‘like a glove’.

AIANO tubular heater guards

AIANO has been making tubular heater guards for almost as long as there have been tubular heaters.

In cooperation with GDC Group, AIANO has redesigned its classic tubular heater guards for the new Dimplex range of tubular heaters with thermostats.

Unlike other guards on the market, the AIANO STG guard is designed specifically with the new Dimplex tubular heaters in mind and each guard is the correct size for each Dimplex heater model.

Please see AIANO tubular heater guard product range if you have a Thermotube or similar heater without a thermostat.

This classic AIANO guard has a streamlined and optimised design which is the result of many decades of experience in manufacturing heater guards for health & safety in the UK.

The guard is made from steel weld mesh on a steel frame, which means that the guard is strong, compact and allows optimum heat circulation.  The AIANO tubular heater guard ensures you get the full benefit of the heater while the surface temperature of the guard stays safe to touch. It also extends the lifetime of the guard.

AIANO wire guards are manufactured in the UK from British and European Union steel.

Product CodeOptionDescription
C/FLAPLockable control flapThis is a small hinged door in the guard to provide access to the heater controls, it can be secured shut with a small padlock (not supplied).
S/COSkirting cut-outsCut-outs can be made to any size to ensure the heater guard fits snugly to the wall.
WHKWelded hooksOccasionally it is necessary to have wire mesh heater guards that can be easily removed.
L/WSEAiano removable/lockableWhen the guards are in place they are lockable but with the option of being able to unlock and remove them, for cleaning, for example.
STSloping topSloping tops are useful in environments where it is important not to sit or place things on top of the guards, for example in Libraries.
PadlockPadlockWe offer a range of 'keyed alike' 25mm brass padlocks at competitive prices suitable for use with Aiano control flaps.
Padlock-25UPadlockWe offer 'unique-keyed' 25mm padlocks at competitive prices suitable for use Aiano heater control flaps and wire mesh lockers.
Padlock-40UPadlockWe offer 'unique-keyed' 40mm padlocks at competitive prices suitable for use Aiano wire mesh lockers.
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