——Clive Hailey of 4th East Barnet Scout Group writes


“Aiano provided exactly what we wanted, as described, on time and at a most competitive price. The attention to detail when new spoke with your staff was first class and helped us considerably. Some possible mistakes on our part were avoided as a consequence.

We were most anxious to acquire protective guards that would survive the hard treatment of boisterous children. The quality of our new guards gives us hope we have found exactly what we wanted!


AIANO supplies wire mesh guards to a wide range of customers across the country. Recently we were contacted by 4th East Barnet Scout group to provide sloping top heater guards for the panel heaters in main hall. AIANO manufactures wide range of standard and bespoke wire guards. AIANO is the only radiator guard manufacturer to be recommended by Dimplex and to feature on the Dimplex website, and a number of wire guard product ranges were developed in cooperation with Dimplex.

4th East Barnet Scouts

AIANO manufactured sloping top heater guards to be used at Discovery Hall, the home of 4th East Barnet Sea-Scouts

The splendid Discovery Hall, north London home of the thriving 4th East Barnet Sea-Scouts

4th East Barnet Scouts were founded 77 years ago. Their present headquarters in Discovery Hall in East Barnet, North London, is their third.

When British Rail decided to sell off the land on which the old scout hall stood, it specified that the developer must give the scouts a new home on the redeveloped site.

The result was the splendid hall that they occupy today, which is equipped with Xpelair combination air conditioning and heater equipment. Sometimes when the outside temperature is really cold it takes these units some time to take effect and for this reason, they also have Dimplex panel heaters.

AIANO Sloping top panel heater guards

One of the sloping top heater guards AIANO manufactured for 4th East Barnet Scout group.

The sloping top on this AIANO panel heater guard is an extra safety feature that deters people from sitting on or placing objects on the guards. Obstructing the guards and the heaters can interfere with their safe functioning.

4th East Barnet Scouts are fortunate to have their own purpose built hall and AIANO was approached By Group Scout Leader Clive Hailey to supply new wire guards to cover their Xpelair combined air-conditioning and heating units, together with some panel heaters in the main hall. The previous wire mesh radiator guards were in a poor state of repair.

They were also keen to have AIANO sloping top heater guards, to deter the children from sitting on the heaters or putting items on top of them. AIANO manufactured guards to the specific sizes that the 4th East Barnet Scout Group requested.  As well as being able to manufacture Bespoke wire guards to suit most requirements, AIANO also stocks a wide range of radiator guards to suit popular brands of heater.

The Xpelair units are fixed to a wooden frame on the wall. This leaves a narrow gap between the guard and the wall just sufficient to be able to access the back of the fittings to change the filters when required, without removing the guards.

Scouting is cool again

One of the AIANO sloping top heater guards for the Xpelair air-conditioning unit in 4th East Barnet Scout group hall.

AIANO wire guard for the Xpelair air-conditioning and heating unit. The frame to which the guard is fixed leaves a small gap near the wall sufficient to allow the filter to be changed in the unit without removing the guard.

Scouting is cool again. The scouting movement has enjoyed its most rapid growth in the last ten years since the movement began, and north London is at the vanguard of this renaissance. Barnet falls within the Greater London North area for scouts, which is growing faster than any other county. While Barnet itself is the fastest growing within the Greater London North area. 4th East Barnet Scouts currently have 101 children split between Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Clive Hailey has been with scouts from Cub Scout to Group Scout Leader, and soon to become Deputy District Commissioner. He has seen the scouting movement go out of fashion and come back to popularity again. He is not sure about the roots of the new enthusiasm but believes that Bear Grylls becoming Chief Scout is probably one factor.

Parents have to put their children’s names down by the age of three to have a good chance of getting into the 4th East Barnet Beavers – the youngest members of the scouting family – at the age of six.  It is more of a problem to find the adult volunteers on which the movement depends. People struggle to find the time.

AIANO sloping top heater guards installed

Discovery Hall is used for many activities and AIANO sloping top heater guards help protect the valuable air-conditioning and heating equipment.

The splendid Discovery Hall is a much loved and well-used facility. The hall is used for a wide range of activities and the AIANO wire guards help protect the air-conditioning and heating equipment from damage.

AIANO sloping top heater guards were used to replace the existing radiator guards in the Scout hall. The AIANO wire guards were custom-made to fit over the heaters and provide sufficient clearance to make the guards finger safe.

Sloping top heater guards deter users of the Scout hall from sitting on the guards and risking damage, or placing items on top of the guards which can create a fire hazard.

4th East Barnet Scouts have also ensured that the fire hazard is communicated to users of the hall by placing signs up above the heaters to explain the risk. AIANO would always recommend that our customers take such safety precautions to minimize the health and safety risk.

As well as providing an extra safety feature, the AIANO sloping top heater guard is also an aesthetically pleasing guard. The white powder coating ensures a clean looking finish. We can also provide different colours on request.

AIANO Bespoke solutions

One of the Aiano Classic sloping top heater guards installed under a Basketball net

AIANO Classic sloping top panel heater help protect the heating equipment from the most enthusiastic basketball shots.

You can find other stories on our blog of AIANO bespoke wire guard solutions, including supplying storage heater guards for Dollis Junior School in North West London, and our supply of Bespoke Quartz heater guards to a Laurencekirk Scout group in Aberdeenshire.

Please call Scott or Kate on 020 7987 1184 or email us if you would like to discuss your requirements, or for further information or advice on AIANO heater guards.

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