——– Marilyn Lodwick at Thorners Homes writes:

‘We have been very satisfied with the level of customer service and goods provided by AIANO. From the initial time of enquiry to the receipt of delivered goods AIANO kept us informed of the status of our order and when we could expect delivery. We have found their products to be of an excellent quality and would definitely recommend AIANO’.

Much is written about the importance of pensioners keeping warm in winter, but much less attention is given to the question of keeping warm safely. Burn injuries from radiators and home heating devices are a significant cause of injury and mortality among elderly people. These injuries are especially prevalent in individuals who rely on others for some aspect of their day to day life. As a result,it is vitally important to implement measures to help reduce the risk of serious injury.

AIANO SH24 storage heater guards at Thorners retirement home prevents elderly residents touching the hot heater.

AIANO SH24 storage heater guard for the Dimplex XL24 in a Thorners retirement home. The clearance ensures the surface of the guard remains at a safe temperature.

AIANO has decades of experience in creating safety guards to help prevent at risk people, including children and the elderly, from touching the surface of heaters  which can cause serious injury. A study by Harper et al has shown that installing a radiator cover around the heater can ensure that the contact temperature of the surface of the guard remains at a safe temperature to touch. It is therefore imperative that landlords, organisations or carers entrusted with the care of elderly individuals install wire mesh heater guards.

This issue of safety around electric heaters and radiators is especially important as we get deeper into winter. Some experts have predicted that this winter will be the coldest in over 60 years. The Office of National Statistics has shown that the cold weather played a part in 31,000 deaths last year, 25,600 of whom were pensioners. Therefore the use of electric heaters and radiators is likely to be at an extremely high level this winter.

When temperatures plummet below seasonal norms, there is an increased likelihood of people using portable heaters, such as small convector heaters, oil-filled heater and fan heaters to boost heat levels. These portable heaters can be particularly at risk of causing accidents.

Aiano heater guards and Thorners Homes

AIANO SH24 radiator guard with safety control flap at Thorners retirement home. Aiano are the only manufacturer of heater guards recommended by Dimplex

AIANO SH24 storage heater guard at Thorners retirement home. Due to safety features such as the control flap, AIANO are the only guard manufacturer recommended by Dimplex.

One company who decided to use AIANO for their heater guard requirements was Thorners Homes who run a retirement home in Southampton. They required wire mesh heater guards to go into their newly refurbished flats. Thorners chose AIANO as we have exemplary health and safety standards, highlighted by the fact we are the only heater guards manufacturer recommended by Dimplex in their catalogue and on their website. All AIANO heater guards come with a minimum of 3 inches (75mm) clearance on all sides between the heater and the guard. This makes the heater guards finger safe and also means that the surface of the guard remains at a safe temperature. AIANO heater guards can also be requested with a lockable control flap which restricts access to the heater controls in environments where this may be necessary.

Acting sensibly around heating equipment

AIANO Sloping topped storage heater. The sloping top prevents objects from being placed on top of the heater guards

AIANO Classic storage heater guard with sloping top. Our customers find the sloping top useful when they want to remove the temptation to put things on top of the guard

Whilst installing wire mesh guards greatly increases the safety of the heaters, it is still important to act sensibly around heating equipment. One such thing to consider is that the heaters and  guards should not be used as a way to dry clothes as this presents a fire hazard. Objects – whether clothes, books or that cup of coffee – should never be placed on top of either heater or guard. AIANO customers sometimes order guards with a sloping top in  in order to remove the temptation to place objects on top of the guard.

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