AIANO crafted bespoke light guards for a secondary school in Leyton, East London

AIANO engineered bespoke light guards for a secondary school in Leyton, East London

AIANO stocks a wide range of light guards for the most popular fluorescent light fittings, as well as many other types of wire mesh guard for health and safety purposes. We are regularly contacted to engineer Bespoke solutions for specific situations and recently were contacted by local electrical contractor Campion Electrics about supplyying bespoke light guards for fluorescent light fittings for a school in Leyton, East London. The school has been open since 1903 and in the last two decades has undergone extensive renovation, including the building of a new sports hall. The modernization has ensured that beautiful Georgian building has a 21st century learning environment.

The challenge

AIANO bespoke light guards in school sports hall

AIANO light guards in school sports hall

The school had six Thorn Hi-Rack light fittings in their sports hall. The light fittings were extremely susceptible to damage from balls and so wire mesh guards were required. However after receiving photos of the fittings, it was evident that our standard fluorescent light guards with welded lugs to screw into the ceiling were not suitable for this project as the large Thorn Hi-Rack lights were fitted to a narrow support beam. The challenge for our engineers was to find a bespoke solution to mount the wire mesh guards to the support beam.

The solution

AIANO bespoke light guards with with special fixing bracket

AIANO Classic bespoke light guard solution

AIANO engineers were able to suggest a flat-bar bracket (as seen in the picture) with double fixing holes to enable fitting at either end of the guard to the support beam. This solution allowed the bespoke light guard to be fitted securely and meant that the support beam would absorb any impact as opposed to the light fitting.




Aiano bespoke solutions

Aiano bespoke light guards are strong and beautifully crafted

Aiano wire mesh light guard

AIANO has been creating wire mesh guards for over 150 years and the knowledge and expertise has been passed from generation to generation. As a result we are able to design bespoke solutions for most projects.

You can find some other examples of AIANO bespoke light guards on our blog, for example AIANO was asked to supply 500 fluorescent light guards for an Asda supermarket. We also manufactured Bespoke pole-mounted floodlight guards for a school in East London.  Our engineers were able to work from diagrams of the fitting to manufacture guards which could be screwed over the front of the floodlights.

If you want to contact us to discuss a bespoke light guard solution go to our website or call Kate or Scott on 020 7987 1184.

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