The radiator guards we make are for health, safety and protection and a significant part of Aiano business is for schools, nurseries, churches and hospitals around the country, where children, elderly and the vulnerable should feel safe and protected. We always design new products with this in mind.

C. Aiano and Sons is the oldest manufacturer of wire mesh guards in our industry and wire mesh radiator guards are a major part of our business. We have been making wire mesh radiator guards for health and safety for more than 150 years. As a result of our experience, we are the only radiator guards manufacturer recommended by Dimplex. Below are a few guidelines that we use when designing guards for specific heaters.

Clearance between heater and guard

One of Aiano QM125-AIA radiator guards showing amount of clearance required

Aiano QM125-AIA guard showing amount of clearance required

AIANO regularly receive enquiries from customers requesting a specific guard size. We often find that this guard size does not leave adequate clearance between the heater and the guard to ensure that it is safe.

For most popular heaters, including storage heater guards and panel heater guards, we recommend a minimum clearance of 3 inches between heater and guard on all sides. This should ensure that the mesh guard itself does not become too hot. This amount of clearance also ensures that the guard is finger-safe, i.e., if adults or children put their fingers through the mesh they should not be able to touch the heaters. This is especially important in environments with vulnerable people, such as nurseries, schools and nursing homes.

Lockable Control Flap

Aiano lockable control flaps can be purchased together with AIANO radiator guards

Aiano lockable control flap

Another health and safety feature to consider when buying radiator guards is a lockable control flap. If the guard is going in an environment where you want to restrict access to the heater, like in a school, nursery or nursing home, a control flap is often a necessary addition to the guard. This prevents people from being able to alter the settings on the heater, and also stops them from being able to touch the surface of the heater which may be extremely hot.

When not in use, the flap can be secured shut with a small padlock. The AIANO lockable control flap fits snugly inside the guard, creating a flush surface and is secured with welded hinges – there is no risk of the flap coming away from the guard.

Sloping top

One of Aiano Sloping Top radiator guards

Aiano Sloping Top radiator guard

It is often necessary to add a sloping top to our radiator guards. Radiator guards can be seen as an attractive surface to sit on, or a convenient shelf to put books. This can impede the effectiveness of the heater, as well as representing a health and safety risk. Items such as books are vulnerable to heat damage and obstructing the guard may give rise to a risk of the guard becoming too hot.

For help in choosing your requirements, you can call Kate or Scott on 020 7987 1184 who will be happy to help you with the requirements of your heater guard.

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