AIANO’s new clip on quartz heater guards for Dimplex quartz heaters are non-invasive and can be attached to existing apertures on the front of the heater in seconds. AIANO clip on quartz heater guards are an economic, easy-to-install guard solution. This article gives highlights some differences between the clip on solution and the full-cage.

  AIANO clip on quartz heater guards

One of AIANO QXD3000-AIA-CLO clip on quartz heater guards

AIANO Clip on guard on Dimplex QXD3000

–          Strong reliable guards
–          Non-invasive
–          Available for Dimplex QXD3000 and QXD4500
–          Protects quartz lamp from damage
–          Black powder coated
–          Made at our London workshop
–          Made from European and British steel



AIANO clip on versus cage style quartz heater guards

AIANO clip on quartz heater guards are a great solution when it is not possible to install a full-scale, cage-style, wall-mounted guard. The wire mesh clip on guards offer protection from damage whilst allowing optimum heat circulation.

Unlike clip on quartz heater guards, this is an AIANO QXD3000-AIA-BLK cage style wire mesh quartz heater guard

AIANO cage style guard on the Dimplex QXD3000

AIANO clip on guards are not a substitute for a full cage-style guard in terms of health and safety protection. AIANO also manufacture a cage style guard (developed together with Dimplex) that will completely encapsulate the Dimplex heater providing the most reliable protection of the entire quartz heater fitting, while the clip on guard protects the quartz ray tube alone. Only the cage style quartz heater guard will offer full protection for the fitting.

Whichever kind of quartz heater guard you choose, the intense heat given off by this kind of heater means that wire guard will become hot and should not be touched during or immediately after the heater has been in operation.


AIANO wire mesh guard features

One of AIANO QXD3000-AIA-CLO clip on quartz heater guards

Non-invasive fixings of the AIANO clip on guard

AIANO manufacture clip on guards for the Dimplex 3.0kW and 4.5kW quartz ray heaters, the QXD3000-AIA-CLO and QXD4500-AIA-CLO. These Dimplex QXD guards are powder coated black after manufacture for an attractive and durable finish. AIANO clip on guards are non-invasive and can be attached to existing apertures on the quartz heater. AIANO guards are suitable for use in a wide range of environments including schools, sports facilities and housing associations.


AIANO expertise

AIANO quartz heater guards are manufactured in our London workshop using British and European steel. AIANO wire mesh guards are the result of decades of experience and a constant effort to keep our guards at the front of innovation. Because of this unique industry experience, AIANO is the only wire guard manufacturer to be recommended by Dimplex. For further advice on AIANO’s range of quartz heater guards please email us or telephone us as the number below.

AIANO also makes guards for other manufacturers of quartz and ceramic heaters, including Consort Claudgen heaters. For further information or a quote please call or email us.

AIANO also offer a bespoke service. Whatever your requirement, we will try to help. Call us today on 020 7987 1184 or email us at

Product Code
To Suit
Dimplex Model
To Suit
Creda Model
Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
HDSG12XL/XLS12TSR12 AW/MW711 x 787 x 229
HDSG18XL/XLS18TSR18 AW/MW940 x 787 x 229
HDSG24XL/XLS24TSR24 AW/MW1168 x 787 x 229
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