AIANO are pleased to announce a new range of wire mesh guards for the Dimplex Quantum range of storage heaters. As customers have come to expect from AIANO, the new quantum heater guards combine quality of manufacture with clear health & safety criteria, and are the most recent result of cooperation between AIANO and Dimplex.

AIANO has manufactured quantum heater guards, including this guard for Dimplex QM125

Guard for Dimplex QM125

AIANO Quantum heater guards feature

The new AIANO radiator covers for Dimplex Quantum incorporate all the important features for which AIANO is known. The radiator covers allow sufficient clearance between the heater and the guard to ensure they are finger-safe and to prevent the mesh getting too hot to the touch. AIANO radiator covers are durable and aesthetically pleasing making them the ideal guard.  All Dimplex Quantum guards are manufactured at AIANO’s  London workshop using British and European sourced steel.

Dimplex Quantum heater range

The Quantum storage heater is a new range manufactured by Dimplex. Dimplex writes that Quantum system is a revolutionary system which allows the customer to benefit from a low cost, low carbon heater. This will mean that the customer will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of an electric heating system, with costs comparable to natural gas.

Aiano Expertise

AIANO wire mesh guards are the result of decades of experience and a constant effort to keep our guards at the forefront of innovation. C. Aiano and Sons is the oldest manufacturer of wire products in our industry and radiator covers are a major part of our business. We have been making wire mesh guards for health & safety for more than 150 years.  We have been making radiator guards, storage heater guards, panel heater guards and tubular heater guards for as long as there have been storage heaters, panel heaters, and so on.

Our senior design engineers have more than 70 years combined experience, and because the AIANO business has stayed in the family for all of its 150 plus years in business, the design knowledge and expertise has been transferred from generation to generation.

AIANO and Dimplex

Dimplex is an established world leader, with hundreds of products dedicated to energy efficient heating solutions. AIANO have cooperated with Dimplex on a number of guard designs such as  the design of a guard for Dimplex Quartz heaters. The intense heat given off by the quartz heaters created a design challenge for AIANO engineers. The resulting AIANO guards were tested at Dimplex facilities in Southampton.

AIANO quantum heater guards include this guard for Dimplex QM125 with a control access flap.

Guard for Dimplex QM125 with c-flap

Technical Specification

The guards are made from 25 x 25 x 2.64mm (1” x 1” x 12swg) steel weld mesh on a 5.35 frame. AIANO Quantum heater guards are built to the standard customers expect from AIANO products. The guards are powder coated WHITE after manufacture.




Product Options

Aianos offers a number of production options:

  • Lockable control flaps – The safest way of ensuring access to the heater controls. When not in use they can be secured shut with a small padlock.
  • Sloping top – A sloping top to a heater guard will ensure people avoid the temptation of putting items on top of the guard, a cup of coffee, library books, and so on, with the associated risks.
  • Alternative fixings – if the guard needs to be removable, or if you need the guard to be both removable and lockable, we can offer non-standard fixings for this.
  • Aiano have been making wire guards for more than 150 years. Whatever your requirement, we will try to help. Call us today on 020 7987 1184 or email us at


Product Code
To Suit
Dimplex Model
To Suit
Creda Model
Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
SH6 XL/XLS 6 TSR6 AW, MW483 x 787 x 254
SH12 XL/XLS 12, FXL12iTSR12 AW, MW711 x 787 x 254
SH18 XL/XLS 18, FXL18 TSR18 AW, MW940 x 787 x 254
SH24 XL/XLS 24, FXL24i TSR24 AW, MW1168 x 787 x 254
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