Aiano has a comprehensive range of wire guards for a variety of different applications, including guards for most popular makes and models of floodlights, round and square bulkhead guards, motion detector guards, PIR sensor guards, internal and external fan guards, socket guards and thermostat guards.

Aiano floodlight, bulkhead and sensor wire mesh guards are widely recognised as the leading wire guards on the market. Our guards are durable and aesthetically pleasing making them the ideal guard, whatever you require them for.  All guards are manufactured in our London workshop using British and European sourced steel.

PIR-MD Motion detector sensor guards

PIR-MD Motion detector guard

 Aiano floodlight, bulkhead and sensor guards

  •  – Strong reliable guards
  •  – Health and safety protection
  •  – Bespoke service
  •  – Thoroughly tested
  •  – Made in our London workshop.
  •  – Made from British and European steel



Aiano have expanded our range of floodlight, bulkhead and sensor guards with the introduction of the following products:

  •  New fan guards (FLS/FGT, FLS/FWT), available in powder coated or galvanized finish, with half inch mesh to make the guards finger safe. The galvanized finish makes the guards resistant to rust.
  • Additional sizes to our current floodlight cover range (FL/midi, FL/Maxi).
  • We have added to our sensor guard range with a thermostat guard (PIR/T), a Motion detector guard (PIR/MD) and a Socket guard (PIR/Sock) with a hinged front and cable drop out. The hinged front provides convenient access to your socket.
In addition to sensor guards, AIANO also manufactures fan guards such as this FLS-FWT with 1/2 inch mesh

FLS-FWT with 1/2 inch mesh

Aiano have been manufacturing wire guards for health and safety for over 150 years. Our senior design engineers have more than 70 years combined experience and our accumulated knowledge and expertise is reflected in all of our guard designs.

Technical Specification Aiano Classic Light guards are made from 25mm x 25mm x 2.64 mm (1” x 1” x 12 swg) weld mesh on a 5swg (5.35mm) steel round bar frame. The guards are  either powder coated in epoxy-polyester white after manufacture, or hot dip galvanized, depending upon your requirements. More information on Aiano materials and coatings is available on this blog. The standard colour is white, but we can provide any colour required in order to blend with your environment.

We can make guards to any dimensions or specifications according to our customers requirements. If you cannot find the size of model you need, call us on 020 7987 1184 or email us at to ask for a quote. For more information on our products, see our website.

The AIANO PIR/T thermostat guards can be used as thermostat or sensor guards

PIR/T Thermosat guard

Product Code
To Suit
Dimplex Model
To Suit
Heatstore Model
Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
CH200WMDX200S/T, DXW200S/WM, DXC20 T/TI737 x 508 x 178
CH300WMDX300S/T/TF/WM, DXC30T/TI868 x 508 x 178
DXC30FTIDXC30FTI868 x 508 x 203
HS2020WMHS2020 WMX762 x 508 x 279
HS3030WMHS3030 X/TX889 x 610 x 279










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