Aiano’s announces a new range of protective wire mesh cages for Toshiba air conditioning units. Aiano air conditioning unit guards are strong and built to last.

one of AIANO external air conditioning unit guards

ACG32-AIA air conditioning unit guard


– strong reliable guards
– rust resistant
– protection from damage
– made at our London workshop
– made from European and British steel
– optional mounting brackets
– thoroughly tested
– bespoke service



Peace of mind against theft and damage

Aiano’s has designed a new range of wire mesh cages to protect the outdoor units (condensers) of Toshiba air conditioning units. The AIANO wire mesh air conditioning unit guards completely encompass the condenser units. The air conditioning unit guards also has cut-outs to allow for the mounting brackets.

Condenser devices can be vulnerable to theft and damage, and while a wire mesh security guard is not a complete guarantee against these eventualities, it does offer an effective protection and deterrent for greater peace of mind.

Health & Safety protection

When condensers are installed at near ground level, the Aiano Toshiba condenser guard helps prevent member of the public and children, in particular, from touching the unit and possibly getting hurt or causing accidental damage.

Effective protection against corrosion

As you would expect from Aiano, this is a strong, well-made product and like all our guards intended for outdoor use is hot dip galvanised.

Many companies electroplate guards for external use and call this ‘galvanising.’ In fact, electro-galvanising often lasts just a few months before it starts to corrode, while a hot dip galvanised guard in normal circumstances should last for years.

Technical Specification of air conditioning unit guards

The wire mesh condenser unit covers are  made from 25 x 25 x 2.64mm (1” x 1” 12swg) steel weld mesh on a 6.4 (1/4”) frame with welded lugs. AIANO guards for air-conditioning units are built to the standard customers expect from AIANO products.

The guards are hot dip galvanized after manufacture. Hot dip galvanizing provides reliable long-term protection from corrosion.

Wall-mounting brackets

Wall-mounting brackets for the Toshiba outdoor unit are manufactured from 50 x 50 x 3mm (2” x 2” x 10swg) steel angle bar and are designed to support the weight of the outdoor unit.

Aiano’s also offers a bespoke service. If you have a different make or model of air conditioning unit, call us for a quote on 020 7987 1184.

Product Code
To Suit
Dimplex Model
To Suit
Creda Model
Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
K10330-AIA508 x 762 x 178
K10550-AIA686 x 762 x 178
K10770-AIA838 x 762 x 178
K10990-AIA991 x 762 x 178
K11210-AIA1143 x 762 x 178
K11430-AIA1346 x 762 x 178
K11600-AIA1473 x 762 x 178
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