Aiano’s has designed a new range of panel heater guards to suit the Creda Nobo series of electric radiators. Aiano wire mesh guards are strong and built to last.

Aiano panel heater guards for Rointe

Aiano Creda Nobo panel heater guards

– Strong reliable guards
– Protect heaters from damage
– Tough epoxy-polyester coating
– Finger-safe clearance around the heater
– Optional lockable control flaps
– Made in Britain from European steel
– Thoroughly tested


Technical Specification

Aiano Classic panel heater guards are made from 25mm x 25mm 2.64 mm (1” x 1” x 12 swg) weld mesh on a 5swg (5.35mm) steel round bar frame. The guards have welded lugs and are powder coated in epoxy-polyester white after manufacture.  Powder coating is recommended for indoor use. For more information on Aiano materials and coatings follow this link.

The standard wire mesh cover for the Creda Nobo series is a Classic Aiano 5-sided wire mesh cage that completely encapsulates the heater. The guard is screwed to the wall with welded lugs. However, there are a number of product options available.

Product Options

  • Aianos offers a number of production options, including:Lockable control flaps – are the safest way of ensuring access to the heater controls.
  •  When not in use they can be secured shut with a small padlock.Sloping top – To ensure that people avoid the temptation of putting things on top of the guard, a cup of coffee, for example, or library books, with the asscociated risk to both heater and books, Aiano can provide a guard with a sloping top.
  • Alternative fixings – if the guard needs to be removable, or if you need the guard to be both removeable and lockable, we can offer non-standard fixings for this.
  • Aiano have been making wire guards for more than 150 years. Whatever your requirement, we will try to help. Call us today on 020 7987 1184 or email us at

Aiano makes wire mesh guards for a wide range of makes and models of radiator. Go to our website for product information on our range of radiator guards. 

Aiano Product Codes and Guard Dimensions

Product Code
To Suit
Dimplex Model
To Suit
Creda Model
Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
E4EU-0500-AIA660 x 559 x 152
E4EU-0750-AIA787 x 559 x 152
E4EU-1000-AIA940 x 559 x 152
E4EU-1250-AIA1118 x 559 x 152
E4EU-1500-AIA1270 x 559 x 152
E4EU-2000-AIA1676 x 559 x 152
C4N-0500-AIA584 x 559 x 152
C4N-0750-AIA660 x 559 x 152
C4N-1000-AIA838 x 559 x 152
C4N-1250-AIA991 x 559 x 152
C4N-1500-AIA1118 x 559 x 152
C4N-2000-AIA1473 x 559 x 152


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