Aiano wire mesh wire guards

Aiano holds stock for you

We hold Stock for you

Aiano keeps a wide range of its most popular wire mesh guard products in stock for your convenience. These include tubular heater guards, radiator guards, fluorescent light guards and floodlight guards, bulkhead guards and sensor guards.

Aiano radiator guards

Aiano fluorescent light guards

 Aiano’s are Experts in Protective Wire Mesh Guards

Aiano’s have been manufacturing protective wire mesh guards from our workshop in East London for over 150 years. Our guards suit most of the major brands of heater and lighting products.

Our wire mesh radiator guards are suitable for Dimplex, Creda, Heatstore, Sunhouse, Consort Claudgen, Rointe and many other makes and models. Our classic tubular heater guards are suitable for Thermotubes, Redring Suntubes, Dimplex, Creda Heatstore and other makes of tubular heater.

Please visit our radiator guard page to see which of our products  is most suitable for your needs.

Aiano floodlight, bulkhead and sensor guards