AIANO devises bespoke wire guard solutions to protect light fittings in municipal and retail centre car parks. Our classic fluorescent light guards are often modified for such environments. AIANO worked with CITY ELECTRICAL FACTORS to provide ASDA supermarket with a tough practical guard to protect the light fittings from local children playing ball in its customer car park.

Aianos was commissioned to carry out a site survey and design a bespoke guard with special fixings for the customer car-park of a major supermarket chain. AIANO devised several different guard designs that would work with the different fittings in the car park, including a guard that could be attached to the lighting trunking. The guards required special brackets for this purpose.

welding wire mesh light guards

Bespoke light guards in process

In addition, the site required the guards to arrive on a very tight schedule. Aianos manufactured and delivered 500 6ft double light guards within a month. Production started on 18th January and the final delivery was made on 14th February. Every delivery was made on time. The site manager said “The guards are fantastic. I haven’t seen such good quality guards in a long time”.

AIANO Classic fluorescent lights guards are strong practical guards. The trademark V-ends on our standard guard mean that the tube can often be replaced without dismantling the guard. Call us on 020 7987 1184 today for information or a quote.

Light guards installed in car park

Light guards installed in car park


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