AIANO has manufactured pipe guards for St. Botolph's church, Church Brampton

AIANO has provided pipe guards for St. Botolph’s church, Church Brampton

The church of St. Botolph, Church Brampton, in Northamptonshire dates back to the 14th century with 19th century additions. The church is a grade II listed building.

The churchwarden of St. Botolph’s approached Aianos after a child was burned on exposed heating pipes that ran along the pews in the church. He knew pipe guards were needed, but was unsure how to specify the church’s safety requirements.

After conversations with the churchwarden and studying photographs of the pipe work, Aianos was able to suggest a specification for the pipe guards which the church then able to verify.   In order to better blend in with the church interior and to be less conspicuous, we suggested that the pipe guards should be powder coated black.

AIANO pipe guards installed on pipe heaters

AIANO guards on pipe heaters

The church was anxious to get the pipe guards installed before the busy Christmas festivities. Aianos was able to manufacture and ship the guards within two weeks and in plenty of time of installation before Christmas.

St Botolph’s wrote to ‘say thanks for the guards they arrived safely and we have been busy fitting them. They look good and you have received a lot of compliments.’ They were so pleased that in the New Year they ordered more pipe guards in order to complete the pipe protection in the church.

Aianos offers a bespoke service, manufacturing guards for churches to meet their specific needs. Our expertise helps us find the best solution to ensure health and safety protection in environments where the pipes and radiators are often entirely non-standard and buildings have particular constraints.



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