Aianos is introducing a new category of heater guards to suit extreme environments. These extra-strength heavy duty heater guards are made from 22mm x 3mm angle bars, 25mm x 3mm flat bars, and 25mm x 25mm x 12swg weld mesh using high-quality British or European steel.

AIANO Heavy Duty Heater Guards

Heavy Duty Heater Guards

The construction of these guards offers increased strength when guards must withstand rough treatment.  The angle bars are designed to be attached to the wall for enhanced stability and a more attractive finish.

Standard sizes:

Product CodeDescriptionHeater Model *Guard Size (mm) WxHxD
THG/P111 ft single tubular heater guardTH1H305 x 137 x 114
THG/P121ft double tubular heater guardTH1H 305 x 222 x 114
THG/P131ft treble tubular heater guardTH1H305 x 305 x 114
THG/P212ft single tubular heater guardTH2H610 x 137 x 114
THG/P222ft double tubular heater guardTH2H 610 x 222 x 114
THG/P232ft treble tubular heater guardTH2H 610 x 305 x 114
THG/P313ft single tubular heater guardTH3H915 x 137 x 114
THG/P323ft double tubular heater guardTH3H 915 x 222 x 114
THG/P333ft treble tubular heater guardTH3H 915 x 305 x 114
THG/P343ft 4 bank tubular heater guardTH3H 915 x 508 x 114
THG/P414ft single tubular heater guardTH4H1220 x 137 x 114
THG/P424ft double tubular heater guardTH4H 1220 x 222 x 114
THG/P434ft treble tubular heater guardTH4H1220 x 305 x 114
THG/P444ft 4 bank tubular heater guardTH4H1220 x 508 x 114
THG/P515ft single tubular heater guardTH5H1525 x 137 x 114
THG/P525ft double tubular heater guardTH5H1525 x 222 x 114
THG/P535ft treble tubular heater guardTH5H1525 x 305 x 114
THG/P545ft 4 bank tubular heater guardTH5H1525 x 508 x 114
THG/P616ft single tubular heater guardTH6H1830 x 137 x 114
THG/P626ft double tubular heater guardTH6H1830 x 222 x 114
THG/P636ft treble tubular heater guardTH6H1830 x 305 x 114
THG/P646ft quad tubular heater guardTH6H1830 x 508 x 114

AIANO heavy duty guards can also be made to order to suit any size.

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