AIANO was commissioned by Edmundson Electrical in Croydon to supply bespoke ceiling guards to cover radiant panel heaters in a school sports hall. Regular customers know that AIANO supplies a range of popular off-the-shelf guards to cover all the most popular makes and models of panel heater on the market in the UK – Dimplex, Creda, Consort Claudgen and so on – and what we cannot supply off-the-shelf, we make to order.

Bespoke Ceiling Guards – The challenge

The key feature of these particular heaters was first their size – up to 5m in length and second, the fact that they were fitted to the ceiling. Most of the heaters were of varying lengths.

The bespoke ceiling guards had to be strong enough to protect the expensive heating installation in a school sports’ hall and yet light enough to be easily installable and not too heavy for the ceiling.

AIANO made the bespoke ceiling guards in two or three pieces, depending on the length of the radiant heaters, and the overall guard lengths varied from 3.8m to over 5m in length. Each guard section was reinforced with three supporting bars and the whole guard was made on a frame of ¼” steel. The guards were powder coated white after manufacture.

The bespoke ceiling guards made by AIANO


AIANO have been making high-quality, off-the-shelf and bespoke wire-guard products for a wide range of applications for 150 years.

Our products include heater guards, light guards, lift guards, machine guards and window guards. Our skilled wire workers and welders can make any kind of wire guard products to order, including security guards for doors and windows, railings, shop display shelves, wire baskets and so on.

Our products help to provide health and safety protection in a variety of industrial and public environments from warehouses to the factory floor, in schools and hospitals.

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